Mobile App Development in 27 Minutes Free in 2024

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Mobile App Development In Android Studio, create an Android app. Learn Android app development right away!

vaMobile App Development in 27 Minutes

Mobile App Development

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Tired of watching ‘How to Code 50 Android Apps in 10 Days’ videos?

Have you ever wanted to dive right into Android app development?

That is why I developed this Android development course! There is no other course that will take you from beginner (with no experience) to a fully functional Android app in less time than it takes to make a sandwich! I will demonstrate how to:

  • Download and install Android Studio (and required extras)
  • Configure your app’s graphical appearance.
  • Mobile App Development
  • Connect layout elements to your Java code, such as buttons and text fields.
  • Java code within an Android activity
  • Items can be saved in Android Shared Preferences and accessed across app restarts.

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This course is designed for you if you:

Are you a newcomer to Android app development?

Want to learn Android apps in a short amount of time? Enjoy moving at a breakneck pace!

This course is not for you if you are:

You are a proficient or intermediate programmer.

What software do you require?

Android Studio (free) for PC, Mac, and Linux

Do you require prior experience?

No. I’m assuming you’re new to apps and development in general.
What distinguishes this course?

It’s just so fast! Take it right now and you’ll be learning Android apps faster than you can blink! Everyone used to tell me that making apps was difficult, but they were wrong. It’s most likely due to bad teachers – join me.

What you’ll discover

Quickly create an Android app.

  • Recognize Android’s distinction between Java code and graphical user interface (layouts)
  • In an Android app, how do you save shared preferences?
  • Mobile App Development
  • Are there any course prerequisites or requirements?
  • You will require a PC, Mac, or Linux machine (Android Studio runs on all of them)
  • No prior programming experience is required!
  • Who should take this course:
  • This course is recommended for beginners.
  • Experts should not take this course (unless they are unfamiliar with Android Studio).

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