How to build a Basketball Game Free Course in 2023

How to build a Basketball Game Free Course Begin with Unity and game development.

How to build a Basketball Game Free Course

Do you want to learn how to make games in Unity? This course will teach you how to make a straightforward basketball shooting game. The primary goal of this training is to provide you with an overview of Unity game development by introducing some of its key components.

You will gain your first experience with game objects, transforms, materials, and physics. We’ll also be doing some coding! Although no prior experience with C# or Unity is required, some exposure to programming in general is strongly advised.

This course’s learning objectives include the following:

Using the Unity Editor and scripts to manipulate game objects and transforms.
Collisions and physics
Particle effects in the first person

What you’ll discover
Using the Unity Editor, learn how to make a simple basketball game.

Working with fundamental transforms
Are there any course prerequisites or requirements?
Students must install Unity (free version)
Some programming experience is recommended.
Who should take this course:
Individuals who want to learn game development

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