Android development with video tutorials in 2023

Android development is also called android-studio. With the help of this, we can create applications for Android mobiles. It is used by developers who create mobile applications. So Let’s Start.

Android development with video tutorials

Hello, friends welcome to all of you. Today’s post Today I will tell you about Android Development. What is KeyAndroid Development? How do you do this?

What information do we need for this? Before this, if you have not read the latest post on our website. So select the topic given below according to you.

What is Android Development?

Android development is a process. Which prepares applications with the help of android-studio and software. Google-approved android-studio works to create a variety of mobile applications.

It is used by Android developers. To use it, we need to know a variety of programming languages. Then we can use it.

With its help, the Android operating system can create applications for Linux operating system. It is an open-source platform that can be used by everyone.

To use it, we should know Java programming language because with the help of Java we can develop application games, etc.

What is Android?

Android is the software collection provider. Which helps to run the application in the operating system. Which is the smartphone at present.

Android system has been given in all. So that different types of Android applications can be run.

What is Android App Framework?

We understood the basic information & concepts about Android Application Development. Now we will learn about Android Application Mainframe Framework.

Android’s main work framework comes from the concept of Android itself. It is also called architecture. All the elements used in Android are used in the structure of the Android application.

Everyone knows about this because it has been installed on everyone’s mobile. If we have a smartphone. So it has various applications.

And even after seeing their application, we understand. What architecture is it made in?

What is Android Software Development?

Android software development is one such process. Through this we prepare various apps to run the application in the Android operating system.

And to deploy all these C++ JavaScript use the Java programming language. And with this, the Java programming language is mainly used to make games.

Android Development in detail in 2021

We will understand in detail Android development, through the video course, I gave you the basic concept above, which you must have understood after reading it.

What is Android Development? And how can we make an android application? And on which platform can you make it?

So from now on, I am providing you with related video courses from basic to advanced concepts.

Course in 2020Course in 2021
Android App Development
Android Development for Beginners
App Development 90 Minutes
Android View Binding
Ninja Apps

The above courses are related to 2020 and 2021. Through these courses, you will come to know how to create Android applications with basic concepts.

If you want to learn Complete Level Courses. So, out of the best courses above 10 hours, I am providing you the best two courses below.

Best 2 Complete Courses with Complete Tutorials

In both the courses below, you will be taught the course with 11 hours and 26 hours of video. In both, the courses, only about Android development has been told.

And here you will be given complete information from basic to advanced. You can learn both these courses according to you. Which are absolutely free.

Course Name: How to Become an Android Developer

Duration: 11hr 32min

Students: 563,493 students

Course Name: Android Application Development

Duration: 26hr 50min

Students: 291,237 students

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is android-studio?

android-studio is an android development tool. With the help of which we can create applications. But before that, we should know different programming languages. Like Java C++ C Plus etc.

2. Is it easy to build an application?

Creating an application is easy. But before that, we should know a programming language. Because if we are making high professional app. So programming is needed to make it.

3. Which language to use for Android development?

The official Java programming language is used in android-studio. So go for Android development is the learning of programming language. And have to use.

4. Is Java language easy?

If you talk about other languages. So Java language is very easy in their comparison. If you work hard. So you can get this language quickly. And you can create Android applications.


I hope friends, you have got information about Android development, along with the courses I have provided to you.

In that, you will get all the information in the form of practical along with complete information. And you will learn to build your own application.

Along with basic information, you will also get complete expert information. If you liked the post then do share it with your friends. And wait for our upcoming new posts.

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