Android Material Design Free Video Tutorials in 2024

Android Material Design: Be taught to construct materials design apps from null to StackOverflow

Android Material Design Free Video Tutorials

Android Material Design

Materials Design in Android is the brand new and future approach to designing and growing apps. It entails new APIs that not solely improve the visible notion of your apps but in addition the performance when it comes to the way you create them and the way the consumer perceives them.

This course walks by way of the method of constructing an easy app that shows a record of films however dives into absolute elements while constructing the app.

The ideas learned by way of this course will be utilized in another app you propose to design utilizing materials design terminology.

It is possible for you to make apps that use Navigation Drawer, Toolbar, Transitions, RecyclerView, Animations, Ripple Results, Materials Tabs, Vector Drawables, JSON Parsing, Volley library, JobScheduler API, and a number of other different fixes after finishing this course.

Learn to validate your design together with your code with third-occasion APIs and libraries mentioned within the course

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What are the requirements?

You should be accustomed to Object-Oriented Java and Fundamental Android programming ideas like Intents, Actions, Fragments, ListView

Have Android Studio IDE put in Android Material Design

What will I get from this course?

  1. Over 50 lectures in Materials Design, price over 20 hours of content material
  2. Turn out to be proficient in Materials Design APIs
  3. Android Material Design
  4. Be taught to construct apps that use RecyclerView as a substitute of ListView
  5. Be taught to combine database with background information processing
  6. Perceive libraries like Volley for background information processing

Who’s the audience?

  1. Anybody who needs to construct apps with materials design and has some primary information in Java and Android

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What you’ll study

  • Create an app in Android that makes use of materials design
  • Perceive the visible and practical APIs concerned with materials design
  • Android Material Design
  • Be taught which colors to make use of, how you can use colors, types for materials design
  • Work with navigation drawers, and customize them as per different commonplace apps
  • Create Floating Motion Buttons with menus and use third-occasion libraries for doing the identical
  • Work with RecyclerViews as an alternative choice to ListViews, customize them, load dynamic information inside them, part them, animate their modifications, animate their visible notion when the consumer hundreds them
  • Obtain and parse JSON
  • Perceive how you can use the Volley library for loading photos and information inside your Lists
  • Validate materials design specs urged by your designer vs. what you truly construct
  • Perceive and experiment with the Contact Occasion Framework on Android
  • Construct Ripple results for lists and regular objects on each Android Lollipop and pre-lollipop gadgets
  • Construct customized materials tabs
  • Utilizing RottenTomatoes API successfully
  • Making VectorDrawables and AnimatedVectorDrawables on each Android Lollipop and pre-lollipop gadgets
  • Understanding how you can use JobScheduler API as an alternative choice to IntentService + AlarmManager
  • Use Swipe To Refresh the sample from Materials Design
  • Carry out Exercise Transitions, Content material Transitions, and Shared Factor Transitions between your actions
  • Carry out a number of various kinds of animations together with your views
  • Initialize, Customise and Use the Toolbar as a substitute for the ActionBar

Are there any course necessities or conditions?

  • Object Oriented Java
  • Android Material Design
  • Fundamentals of Android (Intents/SQLite/Networking/ListViews)

Who this course is for:

  • If you wish to make an app that makes use of materials design, this course dives deeper than most others
  • if you wish to use customized animations, contact dealing with, recycler views, dynamic information, networking libraries, animation libraries, in materials design, this course is ideal for you
  • This course doesn’t dive deep into the designing side of creating an app similar to utilizing PhotoShop or Illustrator, therefore not suited if you wish to be a designer after finishing this course

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