Android Material design zero to hero course in 2023

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Android Material design Learn how to create material design applications from stackoverflow to null.

Android Material design zero to hero course

The new and improved method of designing and creating apps for Android is called Material Design. It involves new APIs that improve your apps’ functionality in terms of how you make them and how users see them as well as their aesthetic appearance.

This course takes you step-by-step through the creation of a straightforward app that displays a list of movies while going into extreme detail.
You can use the ideas you learn in this course to create any other app you want utilizing the language of material design.
Making advantage of the Navigation Drawer, Toolbar, Transitions, RecyclerView, Animations, Ripple Effects, Material Tabs, Vector Drawables, JSON Parsing, and other features will be possible.

What are the specifications?

You must be familiar with the fundamental programming constructs used by Android, such as Intents, Activities, Fragments, and ListView.

Install the Android Studio IDE.

What will this course teach me?

  • More than 50 lectures on material design, including more than 20 hours of material
  • Become knowledgeable about the Material Design APIs
  • Develop applications that utilize RecyclerView rather than ListView.
  • Learn how to combine background data processing with a database.
  • Recognize libraries like Volley for processing background data.

Who are the intended recipients?

Anyone with a working grasp of Java and Android who wants to create apps with the material design

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