Blogging Masterclass Free Video Tutorial in 2024

Blogging Masterclass: Hello, friends all of you are welcome. In this post, I am going to provide you with such a blocking course.

Ultimate Blogging Course with Video Tutorials in Hindi

If you want to know what is like this in this course. So you should read this article well. It has been told in this article that you will be told all the information related to blogging through a video course.

Within this, you will get 3 hours of video. And with that article, you can see your mobile computer laptop from all three.

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Blogging Masterclass

Let’s go with this. It is described in its description. That you can do a website through this post. Which can be related to blogging.

The whole website and you can make your own. You will be told here. How do you work with your blog? And in how many months you will start getting traffic to your blog.

Through this course, you can also learn about blocking from one to advanced. So let’s know. What requirements do we need to learn the login course?

For this, we do not need any requirements. You have to start. And inside it, you will be given complete information.

Through these, you can. And has been designed for those people. Who wants to make a student. Those who want to make their own.

Blogging is one such platform. Which everyone can use. Through this, we can also earn money. And you can also make yourself famous.

But we have to understand its rule and regulation. And then we start. First of all, what are the rules of blogging? Using this we can be successful in blogging.

How to Earn money from Blogging

What is an E-commerce businessĀ 

  • While doing this, we should only pay attention to this
  • Regular we should be blogging
  • We should share the work we are doing
  • Connection to social media should be done
  • Create an audience for yourself
  • Regular posts should be updated
  • People should give quality
  • Only real content should be given while blogging

How to Start Blogging in 2024

Ways to start blogging without coding, where WordPress and Blogger fall. If you create a website in WordPress. So you think it’s cost. But if you build your website in Blogger. So there is no cost to it. So let’s know about these two.

1.WordPress Platform

Probably not many people know about WordPress. This is an open-source website development software with the help of which we design our website.

Make a website. It is a type of panel. Like Photoshop Corel Draw application. Likewise, WordPress also has many tools. With whose help we manage our website.

We can use it for free. It does not cost to use it. If you want to make a website in it. So you will have to buy one of your Domains and Hosting.

Process to create a WordPress website

  • Buy domine (COM, NET, ORG)
  • Hosting will also have to be purchased
  • Have to connect with domain hosting
  • WordPress will have to be installed on your website
  • Have to create the database
  • Need to create a user for WordPress
  • Word Press website will be ready


Blogger is a free platform. You can build your website here. Without investing money, but even here you will have some limitations. You make a website in it. So it may take some time to bring traffic to your website. Can work more hard.

And there is not so much facility in it. As much as in WordPress. But you can make a lot of money from both. Therefore, this platform is also very useful. Bloggers earn millions through this. What is the process of creating a website in it? I tell him.

  • You have to create your account
  • You can create an account through Gmail.
  • Add a nice name to your blog
  • Install a nice theme and manage it
  • Can add a custom domain
  • your website becomes ready

Friend, how did you like this How to Start Blogging in 2021, if you like it. So you must share it with your friends. And stay ready for our upcoming new posts.

Course Content

  • The course will be introduced
  • Start blogging
  • Set up the website will be explained
  • To write a post will be told
  • Can writing skills be pursued?
  • To divide a variety of blogs
  • Do search engine optimization
  • Do post publish
  • How to create an email

Through blogging, you can create a good website. Which can bring maximum traffic to your blog in a minimum time.

And could rank it as much as possible. Due to this, this course can prove very useful for you.

Through this course, you can learn about many things

  • Such as creating a website
  • Ranking blog website in search engine
  • Writing content writing
  • Writing unique content writing
  • Made for another student with this
  • For those who want website development
  • You can make your own blog

Friends, you cannot learn blocking by reading course content only, so I am providing you with a course website below.

After pressing the button below, you will find the course in which this course is held. And you can see this course by going there.

This is the best course that I am going to provide you. Before blogging, we should have approximate information about basic things.

Only then can weblogging well. All the information is given above. In it, you can learn to master blogging. But if you understand the basic small things at once.

So you are very easy. Below is the list that I am making. Based on that list, you have to find all the topics of blogging. Understanding more, because trying not to make the post too long, only about the important topic is being tried.

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