Marketing Analysis with free video tutorials in 2024

Marketing Analysis: Marketing analysis is the study and analysis of the market. It is a process.

Marketing Analysis with free video tutorials

It has to be understood and analyzed. It analyzes various market movements. Which provides various opportunities in business.

Through this market analysis is done. And the strategy is prepared through that analysis to move the business forward. So that the business can be operated and carried forward.

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What is Marketing Analysis?

Market analysis is a process of studying the market. Where information about the market and that information has to be compared with each other.

For this, a common factor has to be used. Like Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats it is called SWOT in short.

If we understand the market strategies well. And study and analyze it well. So we can bring our product in the market systematically. And I can take it to the top.

The market gives opportunities and power to the business. In the same way, it also gives weaknesses.

That’s why we have to analyze our weaknesses well to take our business forward. And it has to be removed and the opportunity has to be used properly and through that opportunity, the business has to be taken forward.

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Key Element of Market Analysis

After knowing about marketing analysis, now let me give you information about the key elements of market analysis. Because when we do marketing.

So we should be aware of those elements of the market through which we can study the market. So let’s know who they are.

Market size

While doing marketing analysis, we have to study the market. For that, we also have to understand the size of the market. Because in the market we get information about all those things.

How big is the market, how many people are coming there? Which market will be suitable for our product, we analyze our market. The customers out there are more attracted to which item?

What they want, all those things have to be analyzed well. We have to analyze our potential customer in advance what their requirement is. What quality do they want?


derived from the market we produce. or provide service. Is that what the market needs. People want to buy it.

Or want to experiment, that also needs to be understood because the market gives us opportunities.

And we should not miss that opportunity. Because to carry forward a successful business, we must exercise authority.

Market Trend

While doing market analysis, we have to see the trend of the market. Because by operating a new business and before bringing a new product to the market, we have to estimate. That is our potential customer.

Will they like our products and services or not? With this, if we have to target our market. So we need to understand our competitive customer new production new market trend there.

For this, we have to do technical analysis.

SWOT Analysis

To do a marketing analysis, we have to do a short analysis of the market. For this, we have to analyze four elements. Which includes strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

Marketing Analysis Free Video Course in 2020-2021

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Marketing Strategy?

Marketing strategy is a process? How to take the product to the market. And how to sell it. A strategy is prepared about that. Where the company does analysis to sell its product. How to bring that product to market.

What is SWOT Analysis?

If we are launching a product in the market. So before that, the market gives us officer strengths. Which is a plus point for the company. With this, we have to face the challenge of Weakness. To understand these, it is easy for us to understand the market.

What is PAST Analysis?

We have to do a PEST analysis to know about the external environment. Directly impacts any organization the best. Because it cannot be controlled.

We have to grow our business on its basis. And accordingly, we have to act. The full form of PEST is Political Economic Social and Technology.


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