Numerical Computations in MATLAB Free in 2024

Numerical Computations: Counting Root Finding, Linear Algebra, Curve Fitting, Numerical Integration, Differential Equations, and Optimization

Learn Numerical Computations in MATLAB with Online Video

Numerical Computations

In this course, the implicit abilities of MATLAB are utilized to perform mathematical calculations, which are extremely helpful in colossal fields of applied science and designing, including:

  • Root finding and condition addressing
  • Settling arrangement of conditions
  • Eigenvalues, eigenvectors and eigendecomposition
  • Particular Value Decomposition
  • Interjection, bend fitting, and surface demonstrating
  • Mathematical coordination and separation
  • Working with polynomials
  • Addressing Ordinary Differential Equations (ODEs)
  • Tackling Boundary Value Problems (BVPs)
  • Addressing Delayed Differential Equations (DDEs)
  • Direct Programming (LP)
  • Blended Integer Linear Programming (MILP)
  • Quadratic Programming (QP)
  • Obliged and unconstrained nonlinear advancement

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What you’ll realize

  • Root Finding and Numerical Equation Solving in MATLAB
  • Straight Algebra, Eigendecomposition, and SVD in MATLAB
  • Bend Fitting and Interpolation in 1D, 2D, and 3D Spaces utilizing MATLAB
  • Mathematical Integration and Differentiation in MATLAB
  • Working with Polynomials in MATLAB
  • Addressing Ordinary Differential Equations in MATLAB
  • Tackling Boundary Value Problems in MATLAB
  • Addressing Delayed Differential Equations in MATLAB
  • Direct Programming and Mixed-Integer LP in MATLAB
  • Quadratic Programming in MATLAB
  • Obliged and Unconstrained Nonlinear Optimization in MATLAB

Are there any course necessities or requirements?

  • Fundamental Math and Calculus
  • Mathematical Methods
  • MATLAB Programming

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Who this course is for:

  • Applied Math and Science Students
  • Designing Students
  • Everybody inspired by mathematical strategies and calculation

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