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Bill Gates Biography: A person who, through his hard work, not only touched the pinnacle of success.

Bill Gates Biography, Childhood, Education, Business Everything in 2022

Bill Gates Biography

Rather he also gained so much fame. That he has also become a source of inspiration for many people. The richest person in the world says โ€“ If you are born into a poor family. So it’s not your fault. But if you die just by being poor. So it’s your fault. This is the richest person on this planet – Bill Gates. Bill Gates Biography

They believe that if you are intelligent. You know how to use intelligence. Then you can reach your goal. You can calculate their wealth from this point. If Bill Gates were in a different country. So it would have been the 35th richest country in the world. If Bill Gates distributed $ 20 to every person living in this world. Even then they will have more than $ 40 billion left. Bill Gates Biography

What is such a thing?

Which makes successful people successful in their life. That is their thinking. Like a person who has thinking. That’s what he becomes. Successful people never forget. From what level he has risen, has achieved this stage of success. To understand all these things. You should pay attention to this story by Bill Gates.

Bill Gates once went to eat in a hotel. While paying the food bills, he also gave a $10 tip to the waiter. He liked the service of that hotel. When they started leaving the hotel. Then he found that the waiter was watching him very carefully. He felt a bit strange about this. Bill Gates Biography

Then he asked the waiter. Why are you looking at me like this? The waiter replied. Just a few days back, your daughter came to our place to have dinner at this hotel. He gave me a $100 tip on my way out. But you are the richest person in this world. Still giving me only $10 tip. Bill Gates started laughing after listening to that waiter. Bill Gates Biography

He told Better that she is the daughter of the richest man in the world. I am the son of a poor man. I always remember my past. Because he is my guide. I never forget him.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates Personal Information

  • Name- William Henry Gates
  • Nickname– Bill Gates
  • Born- 28 October 1955
  • Place of Birth- Seattle, Washington State, United States
  • Father- Bill Gates Sr.
  • Mother- Mary Maxwell Gates
  • Sister- Christian Gates and Libya Gates
  • Wife- Melinda Gates (1994-2021)
  • Children โ€“ Jennifer Katherine Gates, Fowey Adele Gates, Rory John Gates
  • Education – Harvard University (not completed graduation)

Bill Gates – Professional Information

  • Occupation- President of Microsoft
  • Co-Chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Earnings – US$133 billion
  • (January 2021)
  • Books author – The Road Ahead
  • Business@The Speed โ€‹โ€‹of Thought
  • Award – Bower Award
  • Padma Bhushan (Government of India)
  • Website – Gates

Childhood of Bill Gates

Bill Gates was born on 28 October 1955 in Seattle, Washington, USA. His complete name is William Henry Gates. His father’s name was William Henry Gates Sr. His Mother’s name was Mary Maxwell Gates. His father was a well-known lawyer by profession. At the same time, his mother had been the head of many universities. Bill Gates has two sisters, his elder sister’s name is Christian Gates and his younger sister’s name is Libya Gates. Bill Gates Biography

Bill Gates took a lot of help from his mother. He also supported them at every step. Because of the influence of his personality. Bill Gates used to get all his small and big problems and needs solved by him. Still believes that because of his mother’s support, he is at this stage today. Bill Gates was mischievous since childhood. didn’t talk to anyone much. He was busy with his books only. He was interested in almost all subjects.

Education of Bill Gates

When he was 13 years old. So he was admitted to the Lakeside School. Which was the best school in Seattle at that time. Lakeside School’s Phenomena. He used to take only genius students. His mother got him enrolled here. He used to read his school reference books as well as Encyclopedia from the beginning. When he was 15 years old. Then his mother had also arranged a computer for Lakeside School.

His interest was very much in computers. Along with this, he was also very interested in maths. In 1969, Bill started high school. This was that period. When man first went to the moon. This mission was successful only because of the computer. Meanwhile, a company named Shuttle gave its computers to Lakeside School. Because of learning computers beforehand. He got his admission to a computer class. Bill Gates Biography

Bill’s interest in computers now started increasing more. My curiosity to know the working style of computers increased in them. That is why he started spending more and more time in computer class itself. Bill met Paul Allen in computer class. Who was 2 years older than him. By the way, the thoughts and thoughts of both of them did not match each other.

Because where Allen was very shy and quiet. The nature of the same Bill was completely opposite to him. But because of their similar perceptions about computers. Bill and Allen became very good friends. At that time no one could have even imagined it. In the future, both will change the world.

Bill Gate’s First Computer Program

In 1970, Bill Gates along with Paul Allen created a computer program called Traf-O-Data. which was used to measure the traffic flow in the city of Seattle. For this, they both got $20000. Which was his first income. With this, Bill Gates had entered the world of technology.

In 1972, Bill along with Allen considered forming his own company. Then he was only 17 years old. But Bill’s parents wanted him to enroll in college. Because his father wanted him to get a law education.

Bill Gates completed high school in 1973. He showed his intelligence by getting 1590/1600 marks in this exam. With his success, his parents were very happy. He got Bill admitted to Harvard University. He wanted Bill to take law lessons now.

But Bill had a different dream. Still, he considered making a career in law. But he did not find any such subject in it. In which they have as much interest as computers. That’s why he spent most of his time in Howard’s computer center.

Software For The First Personal Computer

In December 1974, Allen got a magazine called Electronic Popular. On whose cover page the world’s first minicomputer kit Altair 8800 was announced. As soon as he read this news, Allen told everything, Bill Gates. Both of them were very happy with this. Because he knew. If it turned out to be a computer. So every person in the world will be able to make their work easier by using it. Bill Gates Biography

Altair 8800 was made by an ad company in New Mexico. Henry Edward Roberts who was running this company. They were looking for a person who could make such software. Which can run this computer of theirs.

Bill and Allen had a great chance to shine their luck. So he contacted this company. He announced. That he is working on a basic computer program. Which will run Altair Computer. Then he worked continuously for 2 months at the Harvard Computer Center. Then made software.

In February 1975, Paul Allen went to get that software tested. That software was installed on Altair 8800. Then it started working properly. It was by far the best rod in my life. Which made a historical impact on the computer world. After this success, he decided to never stop.

Establishment of Microsoft Company

In 1975, Bill Gates collaborated with Paul Allen. Founded Microsoft Company at the age of just 19. Then Ad Rovers started working closely with the company. Seeing this, the consumption of computers increased so much. Then Bill Gates left his studies before the final year. He had to face many difficulties in the initial phase. Bill Gates Biography

There was such a culture among people regarding computers. In which people were buying personal computers. But sharing information and software with each other. So nobody was interested in spending money on software. But Bill and Allen worked hard to make this software.

Bill Gates’ acumen was not only in making software. Along with that, there was also a need to take the business forward and take the company to the top. Due to Bill’s hard work and dedication, the growth of the company was increasing day by day like a hardware maker company like Apple, Intel, or IBM. Microsoft then extended its new software into different languages. They also started selling their products to other computer companies. Bill Gates Biography

By the end of 1978, the sales of this software had exceeded 1 million i.e. more than 10 lakhs. Between 1978 and 1981, there was an astonishing development in the Microsoft company. In a very short time, Microsoft’s workforce grew from 13 to 128.

MS-Dos collaboration with IBM

One such opportunity came to Microsoft in November 1980. Which changed his fate. IBM, the world’s largest computer maker, offered Microsoft to make software for its computers. It was a great opportunity for Bill and Allen. So he created a new software Microsoft Dos(MS-Dos) for IBM.

IBM Company wanted to buy the source code of this software for $ 50000. But Bill Gates was a very intelligent businessman. He rejected this offer from IBM. Bill wanted IBM to install his software on as many computers as possible. Microsoft should also earn money on every single computer. So they were sold to IBM. Microsoft had to pay a license fee on all computers. Bill Gates Biography

After this, some more companies came into the market. Who introduced cheaper computers than IBM in the market. Microsoft sold their software to them, too. In 1981, Bill Gates became the President and Allen (Executive Vice President) of Microsoft.

By 1983, the turnover of Microsoft company had increased from $4 million to $16 million. There were as many personal computers in the whole world. Microsoft company’s software was being run in 30% of the computers.

Paul Allen with serious illness and leaving Microsoft

Till 1983, when Bill Gates was touching the pinnacle of success at the age of just 28. The demand for software made by Bill and Allen was increasing all over the world. Then Paul Allen got a serious illness. Which came under the category of cancer. Although after about 1 year, Paul Allen slowly started recovering. But now he could not take much part in the day-to-day business of Microsoft company. Bill Gates Biography

That’s why he left Microsoft. With this, the partnership of Bill and Allen came to an end. In 1984, only Bill Gates remained the only face of Microsoft. Due to his constant dedication and efforts, in 1985, his company Microsoft sold more than 40 million dollars.

Bill Gates Introduces Microsoft Windows

In 1986, Bill Gates introduced a new product of Microsoft company for the first time. Microsoft Windows launched in the market. With which any computer could be used very easily through the mouse. Then in 1986, Bill Gates made his company public. Which gave the Microsoft company new finance and creative base.

He held 45% of his entire stock with him. Which made him, at the age of 31, the youngest billionaire ever. In 1987, Microsoft faced a big crisis. IBM replaced Microsoft’s MS-Dos with its own OS/2 software. This is how Microsoft got out of IBM.

Bill Gates did not give up on this too. He started upgrading his Microsoft Windows. In 1990, Microsoft launched its new Microsoft Windows 3.0. Along with this, he also reduced the prices of Microsoft’s products. This made his window 3.0 the best-selling window.

Marriage of Bill Gates

On January 1, 1994, at the age of 37, Bill Gates married Melinda French, 28, who worked in his company. A few days after their marriage, their mother died of breast cancer. Due to this incident, Bill was very upset. Bill and Melinda have two daughters and a son.

Despite having so much wealth, Bill Gates decided to leave his children with just $10 million from his will. Which is a very small part of their wealth. Bill believes. He will give good education to his children. But it is not proper for them to leave such a huge wealth. The wealth that has come from society. He should return to society itself. Bill Gates Biography

Bill Gates

1995 was a great year for Microsoft. This year Bill Gates launched Microsoft Windows 95. At the age of 42, Bill Gates was the richest man in the world. He had assets of 50 million dollars. Which has increased to about $ 135 million today.

The Windows operating system used in computers is the operating system used by more than 80% of the world. Which is made by Microsoft company. Today Bill Gates is the world’s most successful and rich businessman. In 2014, Bill Gates stepped down from the post of chairman, making Satya Nadella the CEO of Microsoft company. who is an Indian?

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

After stepping down from the post of chairman of Microsoft. Bill Gates founded L, an NGO in 2008. Which he named The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Which he runs together with his wife. With which he does many good works in the world. He donated about Rs 355 crore to the organization in 2018. Among the most charitable people in the world, the name of Bill Gates comes in the first place. Bill Gates Biography

Bill Gates – Opportunity should never be missed

In an interview, a female anchor questioned Bill Gates. What is the secret behind your success? Then Bill Gates said, giving a blank check to that anchor. You fill in the full amount of your requirements. On this, the anchor panicked and said that no, there is no such thing. He returned the check.

The anchor asked the same question by turning it around a bit. On this, Bill Gates tried to give the check there. But he refused to take that check again. Then Bill Gates said tearing that check. I don’t let go of any opportunity in my life as you did now, if you wanted, you could have become the richest anchor in the world now but you just let this opportunity go. Bill Gates Biography

Bill and Melinda Gates’ Divorce

His wife Melinda Gates, the world’s richest man, decided to divorce in 2021. Bill and Melinda Gates have been married for almost 27 years. In such a situation, both of them get separated from the bond of marriage. For his followers, there is a shocking decision. Melinda Gates filed for divorce on 3 May 2021 in a Washington court. Bill Gates Biography

Bill Gates has to say about divorce. After much deliberation and re-evaluation of their relationship, they. Both of us have decided to end our marriage. Over the past 27 years, we have raised three children. Made an excellent organization. Which helps people around the world to live healthier and better lives. We will continue this mission of our life. Bill Gates is 65 years old and Melinda is 56 years old.


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