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Larry Page Biography: Larry Page was born on 26 March 1973 in Michigan, United States.

Larry Page biography Google Founder & Creator

Larry Page biography

Larry Page is an American computer scientist and businessman. Both his parents were computer experts, they also did computer engineering at Stan Ford University, Michigan. It was here that he met Sergey Brin and both created the Google search engine.

Larry’s full name is Laurence Page. His father Carl Page was a renowned computer scientist and his mother was a teacher of computer programming. Larry Page biography

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He had his early education at Okamas Montessori School in Michigan. He graduated from East Lansing High School and after graduating from Stan Ford University in computers, he began his Ph.D. on the subject of the link structure of the World Wide Web. and joined them.

In his research, Larry focused on the problem of finding out which web pages a given page links to. If they could devise a method to count and qualify every backlink on the web, the web would become a much more valuable place.

The duo developed a PageRank algorithm after four years of research and thought it could be used to build search engines that were far more advanced than popular search engines. In 1996, the initial version of Google came, which made a place around the world. Larry Page biography

The main source of Google’s earnings is from the advertisements shown on Google which are shown through the platform called Google’s AdSense, if you are a blogger then you must have known the importance of Adsense, in this way for your remarkable work. For this, Larry Page has been honored with many awards, the main ones being Marconi Foundation Prize, Global Leader for Tomorrow, Technical Excellence Award, and Webby Award. ), People’s Voice Award, Search Engine Award.

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Recently, filmmaker Karan Johar has said about Google that “We always search all the information before making any film. When we make a film, then the whole matter becomes a matter of research. I don’t think there will be any filmmaker whose work can go on without Google.” It is the result of Larry’s hard work day and night that today most people around the world start the Internet from Google, the Internet is becoming easier for them day by day. Thanks for Larry Page!

Google This name is derived from the word of mathematics Gogol / Googol. Which means the number one, in front of which there is a hundred Shuya. That is, the Google search engine displays billions of billions of results. Larry and Brin launched Google Inc. in 1998 with a million-dollar loan from family, friends, and investors, and Google soon became the world’s most popular search engine. Larry Page biography

Google is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. In August 2004, Google was launched on the stock market. Which made Larry and Brin billionaires. Before Eric Schmidt was made Google’s president and CEO in 2001, Page worked alongside Brin as a co-president of Google. Both Page and Brin earn a dollar a year as compensation. Page married Lucinda Southworth on December 8, 2007, on Richard Branson’s Caribbean island, Necker Island.

Larry Page was honored with many awards for his remarkable work in the computer world. Including Marconi Foundation Award, Global Leader for Tomorrow, Technical Excellence Award, Babby Award, Search Engine Award, etc. Awards and recognition.

In 2003, both Brin and Page were given honorary MBAs by the IE Business School “for fostering the entrepreneurial spirit and spurring the creation of new businesses….” And in 2004, they joined the Marconi Foundation. The award, the “highest award in engineering”, and was elected a Fellow of the Marconi Foundation at Columbia University. “Announcing their selection, Foundation President John J. Eislin congratulated both of them for their invention that has fundamentally changed the way information is retrieved today.” He was included in the “Selected Cadre of 32 of the World’s Most Influential Communication Technology Leaders…”. In 2005, Brin and Page were elected members of the American Academy of Arts and Science.Larry Page biography

The World Economic Forum named Page a Global Leader for Tomorrow, and the X Prize selected Page as a Trustee of its Board. PC Magazine praised Google as one of the 100 Top Web Sites and Search Engines (1998) and awarded Google the Technical Excellence Award for Innovation in Web Application Development in 1999. In 2000, Google won a Webby Award, the People’s Voice Award for Technical Achievement, and in 2001 it received the Search Engine Award for Outstanding Search Service, Best Image Search Engine, Best Design, and More Webmaster Friendly Search Engine, and Best Search Feature. Awarded.”

Google Facts

Founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google is an American multinational technology company that provides Internet-related products and services. Google’s services include online advertising, search engines, cloud computing, software, and more. The word Google ‘googol’ is a mathematical term, meaning a word followed by 100 zeros.

Google currently processes 40,000 search queries per second, which yields over 3.5 billion searches per day and translates to 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide.

In 2012, an internal Google report revealed that Google’s search engine found more than 30 trillion unique URLs on the web, crawls 20 billion sites every day, and serves 100 billion searches each month.

In 2015, the American multinational organization Alphabet Inc was created as the parent company of Google and several other companies previously owned or associated with Google.

Google’s reorganization into Alphabet was completed on October 2, 2015. In November 2015, Google preceded them in the United States with 247 million US unique visitors visiting multi-platform web properties and the leading U.S. Search engine providers had a market share of 63.9 percent.

Google wanted to sell itself to the online company Excite for $10 million, but the Excite CEO rejected the offer. Google is now worth more than $300 billion. It’s owned by Sting. Larry and Sergey’s private planes run Way NASA Where I am not allowed to fly someone else’s private plane.

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