Amazon Web Service Free Video Course Zero to Hero in 2024

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Amazon Web Service: Hello, friends welcome all of you.

Amazon Web Service Complete Video Course Zero to Hero

In this post today, we are going to learn Free (AWS) Amazon Web Service which is a course from beginning to end. In this, you will get 3 hours of video.

AWS offers a variety of services, including:

  1. Compute: AWS offers a variety of computing services, including virtual machines (EC2), containers (ECS), and serverless computing (Lambda).
  2. Storage: AWS offers a variety of storage services, including object storage (S3), block storage (EBS), and file storage (EFS).
  3. Database: AWS offers a variety of database services, including relational databases (RDS), NoSQL databases (DynamoDB), and in-memory databases (ElastiCache).
  4. Networking: AWS offers a variety of networking services, including virtual private clouds (VPCs), content delivery networks (CDNs), and load balancers.
  5. Security: AWS offers a variety of security services, including identity and access management (IAM), firewall protection (WAF), and encryption services.
  6. Analytics: AWS offers a variety of analytics services, including data warehousing (Redshift), data processing (Glue), and data visualization (Quicksight).
  7. Machine Learning: AWS offers a variety of machine learning services, including natural language processing (Lex), image recognition (Rekognition), and predictive analytics (SageMaker).

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Let’s read the description of this course

Let me explain once more. What else are there in this course? Not much has been given in the course description, only this is mentioned in it.

That you can learn from the Amazon Web Service Professional way. And in this, you can learn in 24 languages. With this, you can learn about Amazon Web Services service within this course.

Here you can launch your website. Can create a database. You will get complete information in this way. Here you can create a shop of your own.

And here you can create an email account. And you can store more people with you in your database. You will be given full information about it in this course.

Learn Free (AWS) Amazon Web Service

There is a lot of such information in this course. You will get help in app development. You can create your own data center. And how will you keep your data there?

His information has also been given to you through this post. Here, you will be told that you have complete information with the introduction.

Maintains how the computer networking system works. You will be told about the application, you can come here. You will also get information about yourself here.

What is this course for

  • Wants Amazon Web Services
  • Start sending their data to Amazon Web Services
  • Who is looking for a data center for their business

Course requirement is given

  • Must have basic knowledge about computer networking

What are you going to learn in this course

  • You will create a WordPress server in AWS
  • Learn to build a database server
  • I will learn to update files in a database
  • Sending email from the database will be correct

I have given you all the information in the course. You must have found out. That is how we can build a data center. You can create your own database through Learn Free (AWS) Amazon Web Service.

This is a complete video course about the Amazon web service that we learn in the course today, with the help of which you can get complete information about AWS.

For this course beginners, inside it, you can get complete information about Web Service and Web Server, JS Server, Database Server. So far, more than 100000 students have learned this course.

Within this, you will get 2 hours and 56 minutes of video. This entire course has been created in the English language. So let’s know. This course a little bit of description, after that we will know the complete information of the course.

This course has been created with the help of a highly qualified teacher. You will also get professional notes in it. Inside it, you can learn about various common topics, which are given below as follows.

# Learn Amazon Web Service Basic Intro AWS

Amazon Web Service is a cloud platform. Like, suppose if you want to create your own database. And you want to keep your personal data in it. So you can keep it.

It is a data center. Which sends data to different million users. Performing data correction works. Big industry, big companies, organizations, etc. using it. Can work with this platform.

Many such features will be found inside it. Such as storage databases and Machine Learning for Computers, Certificates, Intelligence and data analytics, etc. This is the highest safety babysitter. Banks are used by Global Bank, International Bank, We Security.

How far is Amazon Web Service’s network spread?

Its network is in many countries. Such as Origin, North End California, US West, Canada, Liril, and Europe, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Sweden, Singapore, etc. Are spread in many such countries. And now it is going to be launched in many countries.

Learn Amazon Web Service Video Course

  • In this, you can create your own WordPress web server with the help of AWS.
  • Can launch their own database.
  • Can install the file inside AWS.
  • Send email via AWS
  • All these things will be taught to you in the first section

What is this course designed for

  • Everyone who wants to know complete information about Amazon Web Service. And he has a desire to learn.

How has this course asked for a requirement

  • You should have basic knowledge about computer network

What else are you going to learn in this course?

  • You will launch your own AWS WordPress web server
  • Teach AWS how to connect with database
  • Upload files to AWS
  • Send email via AWS
  • Set up AWS CloudWatch Monitoring Alert
  • How to use EWS for free

Content taught within the course

  • Introduction about storage service
  • Information about database service
  • Complete information about computer and computer networks
  • About how to do management service
  • Information about what is application service
  • Machine learning and analyzer information
  • Complete information of Identified Complicated Security
  • Complete information about media mobile application development
  • JS Complete Information

Friends, inside this website you will find related courses. With the help of which you can learn various courses like programming document editing.

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