Project Management CAPM Exam Free Course in 2024

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Project Management This course review will help you pass the CAPM. To reflect the Jan 2023 curriculum update, the material has been revised.

Project Management CAPM Exam Course

Project Management

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In January 2024, the CAPM exam underwent an overhaul. The following new domains will take the place of the exam’s original ones:

  • Basics and key ideas of project management
  • predictive, method-based techniques
  • Agile methodologies/frameworks
  • Business analysis methodologies

The CAPM Exam no longer uses the PMBOK version 6 as a reference. The domains of knowledge, the inputs, the outputs, the tools, and the approaches are no longer pertinent to the course material. Based on the course material from the PMI website as of January 2023, this course has been updated.

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The duties consist of:

  • Basics and key ideas of project management
  • Show that you are aware of the different project life cycles and procedures.
  • Show that you are aware with project management planning.
  • Show that you are aware of your tasks and duties for the project.


  • Determine the best way to implement and carry out prepared plans or frameworks
  • Describe when a predictive, plan-based approach is suitable.
  • Show that you comprehend how a project management plan and timetable work.
  • Decide how to record project controls for a project with a predictive, plan-based approach.
  • Describe when employing an adaptive strategy is suitable.
  • Establish a plan for project iterations.
  • For an adaptive project, figure out how to document project controls.
  • Describe the elements of an adaptable strategy.
  • Decide how to organize and carry out task management procedures.
  • Show that you are aware of the business analysis (BA) roles and duties.
  • Decide how to communicate with stakeholders.
  • Choose a method for gathering requirements.
  • Show that you are familiar with product roadmaps.
  • Analyze the impact of project approaches on business analysis procedures.

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