Security Awareness Training Complete Video Course in 2024

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Security Awareness Training A fundamental guide to enhance awareness about Internet security and privacy, aimed at ensuring the safety of yourself, your household, and your workplace.

Security Awareness Training Complete Video Course

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Course Focus: Security Awareness Training

  • Purpose: The course focuses on security awareness to address the increasing risks of data breaches and online threats.
  • Target Audience: Aimed at individuals in both professional and personal settings who want to enhance their understanding of internet security and privacy.
  • Approach: The course not only covers “what” to look out for but also delves into the “why” and “how” of security threats and behaviors.

Course Content:

  • Content Overview: Covers a range of topics including the rationale behind security awareness, building resilience against attacks, social engineering, identifying fake emails, password best practices, and more.
  • Non-Technical Approach: The course is designed to be accessible to a broad audience, from beginners to more experienced users, avoiding technical jargon.
  • Behavior Modification: Aims to bring about behavioral changes by providing insights into risky behaviors without resorting to shaming or intimidation.


  • Positive feedback from students highlighting the instructor’s knowledge, different approach to security awareness, and the course’s ease of understanding.

Instructor’s Message:

  • Motivation: Emphasizes the importance of online safety and expresses appreciation for individuals interested in security awareness.
  • Course Enrollment: Encourages users to enroll and assures that the course is suitable for those with or without security programs in place.


  • Continuous improvement with a list of updates, including added resources, lectures, and enhancements to captions and quizzes.

Who Should Take the Course:

  • Individuals interested in personal development or protecting their family online.
  • Employees using computers and the internet for work.
  • Those seeking knowledge about basic security awareness against attacks like phishing and social engineering.
  • IT professionals looking for ideas to educate users.
  • Not intended for individuals seeking advanced technical or operational security guidance.

What you’ll learn

  1. Understand the rationale behind security awareness to enhance retention.
  2. Build resilience against cyber attacks and recognize its significance.
  3. Gain knowledge about social engineering, its effectiveness, and how to identify warning signs.
  4. Learn a quick and easy process to identify fake emails.
  5. Acquire best practices for creating and managing passwords.
  6. Develop effective security questions that are not easily guessable.
  7. Understand ransomware, its popularity, and preventive measures.
  8. Learn safe Internet browsing practices, including awareness of typosquatting and malicious websites.
  9. Discover safe mobile device usage and security tips for traveling.
  10. Identify regulated data and methods to prevent accidental disclosure (data leaking).
  11. Recognize the importance of securing your desk or computer.
  12. Enhance secure and effective communication, including interactions with IT professionals.

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