Active Listening: You Can Be a Great Listener in 2024

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Active Listening Enhance your responsiveness, cultivate a purposeful listening mindset, magnify your curiosity, and contribute value as an exceptional listener.

Active Listening: You Can Be a Great Listener

Active Listening

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Learning ObjectivesDescription
Identify & overcome common habits of reactingRecognize and address habitual reactions that hinder effective listening.
Shift attention from your own thoughts to the speakerRedirect focus from internal thoughts to the speaker’s message, acknowledging their importance.
Develop & practice observing the speaker’s wordsCultivate the skill of observing both verbal and non-verbal cues to better understand the message.
Use simple “starter” phrases to reflect backEmploy basic phrases to reflect the speaker’s message, building trust and confirming active listening.
Improve ability to notice a speaker’s emotionsEnhance the capability to perceive and empathize with the speaker’s emotions for better understanding.
Unleash natural curiosity with powerful questionsEngage curiosity by asking insightful questions that promote clarity, add value, and strengthen connections.

Here’s a table summarizing the requirements for the course:

PrerequisiteDesire to become a great listener
AccreditationNASBA CPE accredited course
Accrediting BodyNational Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA)
NASBA CPE Credits4.2 credits
Recommended Field of StudyCommunications & Marketing – Non-Technical
Program LevelBasic
Earn NASBA CPE Credits– Complete all videos
– Achieve a score of 70% or higher on the final exam
GlossaryFind PDF attached to the first lecture of this course
Completion DeadlineCPE completion should be achieved within a year after the purchase date
Course Description and Learning ObjectivesDetails
Course FocusActive Listening as a powerful tool for influencing, leading, collaborating, and personal development.
InstructorProfessional listener and Master Certified Coach with 20 years of experience.
Course BenefitsGain internal awareness and external skills for more satisfying and successful conversations.
Course StructurePractical Udemy course with real-world examples to demystify and simplify Active Listening skills.
Unique InsightsInstructor’s personal journey from a terrible listener to a professional listener.
InteractivityParticipants encouraged to interrupt, have short conversations, and not provide answers or expertise.
Target AudiencePeople looking to reduce frustration, improve collaboration, and manage successful interactions.
CPE CreditsContinuing Professional Education (CPE) credits offered.

Learning Objectives:

Learning ObjectivesDetails
Define Active ListeningClearly understand the concept and importance of active listening.
Distinguish between Level 1 and Level 2 listeningDifferentiate between passive listening and actively engaged listening.
Describe the mindset behind active listeningUnderstand the mental approach necessary for effective active listening.
Explain behaviors leading to active listeningIdentify and adopt behaviors that contribute to active listening.
Recognize non-verbal cues during communicationLearn to interpret non-verbal cues for additional insights while communicating.
Describe the importance of reflecting back and ways to do soUnderstand the significance of reflecting back and various methods to implement it.
Identify 5 Powerful Questions for deeper listeningLearn powerful questions that enhance the depth of understanding in conversations.

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