IELTS Academic Writing Free Course in 2024

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IELTS Academic Writing Training from the Ground Up ( Skills, Advice, Exams … and more ) – No Cost Course

IELTS Academic Writing

IELTS Academic Writing

The course “IELTS Academic Writing” covers Tasks 1 and 2 of the IELTS Academic Writing section.

There are two sections to the course. Each section focuses on a distinct Task to help you gradually hone your exam-taking skills.

In this course, you will learn what academic writing is, how to increase your language proficiency, and how to sharpen your exam-taking skills so that you can pass with the greatest possible marks.

Introduction to Algorithms and Data structures

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You’ll learn; in this course;

  • A general introduction and some guidance on how to get to the top band.
  • A few clarifications using questions like;
  • How much writing paper is there?
  • Writing Task 1: What Is It?
  • Writing Task 2: What Is It?
  • Several hands-on workshops on “Developing Writing Skills,” including
  • Finishing the assignment properly.
  • Organizing and connecting your ideas.
  • (How to utilize several linkers)
  • How is your capacity to structure and connect your ideas evaluated in the IELTS exam?
  • Writing with accuracy and a wide vocabulary.

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What grammatical and vocabulary components will the examiner be evaluating?

  • A few drills to teach you how to do;
  • Accurately interpret the data.
  • Emphasize broad trends over specifics.
  • Include just pertinent data.
  • Use suitable language.
  • Authentic Writings for Tasks One and Two, along with model responses.
  • More than 20 test-taking advice.

What you’ll discover

  • How to properly complete the two academic writing assignments.
  • To assist you in getting the best grade, general guidance, activities, and example tests are provided.
  • Organize and connect your ideas.
  • 20+ Test-Taking Tips

Do any prerequisites or course requirements?

  • English intermediate.
  • Students who want to take the IELTS are the target audience for this course.
  • Pupils who

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