Real Estate Investing for Beginners Free course in 2024

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Real Estate Investing for Beginners : Peter Harris, author of Commercial Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Investing for Beginners

for Dummies, explains the fundamentals of commercial real estate investing.

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A core asset in the portfolios of the majority of the world’s richest people is commercial real estate. However, owning commercial property can be extremely scary for the ordinary individual investor.

Peter Harris, the author of Commercial Real Estate Investing for Dummies, will teach you how to become a commercial real estate investor in this course.

Everyone will be able to understand the many various parts of commercial real estate and how the “small guy,” the individual investor, can win big thanks to the simplification of the complex processes and convoluted language. And last, how owning commercial property might be your key to long-term financial security.

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You’ll learn:

Why and how everyone can invest in commercial real estate.

what types of assets are appropriate for individual investors, as well as which ones are available (and which ones NOT to compete with the Big Boys on).

How to swiftly and easily examine a property so that you can decide whether to hold or fold a certain asset.

The numerous hazards that investors have encountered in the past and how to avoid them.

How to develop riches for future generations.

hints for particular asset classifications (apartments, self-storage units, mobile home parks, retail establishments, and office buildings), plus a LOT more

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