Bitcoin Basics Free Course in 2024

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Bitcoin Basics Free Course: Learn about Bitcoin’s basics from a primarily non-technical standpoint.

Bitcoin Basics Free Course

Bitcoin Basics Free Course

Although the bitcoin industry has experienced an explosion of growth and innovation over the last couple of years, many people are still unsure of what bitcoin is or why it appeals to so many business owners and investors.

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Together, Draper University and Zapchain aim to create the most complete bitcoin education. We want to encourage people to innovate with bitcoin by making it more approachable since we think it has the power to change the world.

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In this course, we’ll teach you the basics of bitcoin and introduce you to venture capitalists, entrepreneurs who have received tens of millions of dollars in funding, and some of Silicon Valley’s top engineers. They’ll all share their distinct perspectives on how bitcoin may change the world with us.

This course is absolutely for you if you’ve heard of bitcoin but still don’t fully comprehend what it is or if you’re curious about how new technology has the potential to change the current financial sector.

Visit The Bitcoin Course and join us.

Who this course is for: Anyone who is interested in studying the fundamentals of Bitcoin as a technology and a money should take this course. No prior Bitcoin knowledge is required. If you’re searching for a technical deep dive into Bitcoin, blockchain technology, or cryptography, this course is probably not for you.

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