30 days of trading Complete Course in 2024

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30 days of trading Achieving Profitability in 30 Days through Practical Trading. Mastery of Trend, Zone, Momentum, and Confirmation Theories.

30 days of trading Complete Course in 2024

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30 days of trading

What You’ll Learn
Real story behind Key levels
Two types of waves to analyze Market structure
Count number of candles to determine the Time frame of Key levels
4 Factors TZMC for a successful trade: Trend, Zone, Momentum, and Confirmation
Using FIC standard to judge momentum and increase win rate
Multiple timeframes and market cycle theory
Confluence strategy at level 1 – Single timeframe for new traders
Analyzing TREND – ZONE – MOMENTUM – CONFIRMATION to identify trading opportunities
Assumption of key levels in trading – handling complex scenarios
Understanding complicated market structure in trading
The first week to practice CKL (Count Key Level) strategy
Confluence strategy at level 2 – Double Reward per risk and increased win rate
Detailed examples with Indices, Forex, Crypto, demonstrating how to trade across different markets
How to enter at WEAK ZONE
How to enter at STRONG REVERSAL POWER case
Hard-working and persistent mindset – Essential traits for becoming a profitable trader
Willingness to follow mentor’s guidance – Commitment to learning from an experienced mentor
Strict adherence to the learned strategy – Avoiding modifications until a complete understanding is achieved
Course Highlights
Turning Points in Trends – Order Block as a decisive point for bullish or bearish trends
Types of Order Blocks – Key level, POI, Recent high or low, Fair value gap, Imbalance, Traditional supply and demand
Key Level Significance – Strongest zone defining the current trend based on price positioning
Price Above Key Level – Indicates an ongoing Up trend if no valid breakout occurred in the past
Price Below Key Level – Indicates an ongoing Down trend if no valid breakout occurred in the past
Instructor Experience
Over 8 years of trading experience
Taught 30,000+ traders worldwide
Comprehensive Learning Experience
7+ hours of HD video tutorials
Real-time market trades with different assets
Continuous Updates – Ensuring ongoing learning and relevance
Topics Covered
Market Structure Exploration
Counting pullback method for defining the timeframe of Key levels
Strategies: Trend, Zone, Momentum, Confirmation for successful trading
FIC Standard for defining momentum
Multiple timeframes and market cycle theory
Trading Confluence Strategy for both new and experienced traders
Handling Unclear Key Levels – Assumption key level
Trading in Complicated Market Structures
Practice and Mastering CKL (Count Key Level) for new traders – Level 1
Advanced Trading Strategies for experienced traders – Level 2
Mastering Momentum Analysis to increase Win-rate
Detailed examples with Indices, Forex, Crypto
Analyzing Waves on Complicated Charts
Strategies for Trading at WEAK ZONE and STRONG REVERSAL POWER
Structured Practice – Mastering strategy within 30 days through weekly practice
Discord Channel – Community for discussion, knowledge sharing, tips, and analysis
Trading Competition – Improve psychology and risk management in a high-pressure environment
Money-Back Guarantee – 30-day satisfaction guarantee with continued access to Notebooks
Target Audience
New traders starting to learn trading
Experienced traders struggling to achieve profitability
Part-time traders aiming to enhance skills alongside current job
Traders aspiring to improve abilities for trading with big funds or prop firm companies

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