Process of Communication Step By Step in 2024

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Process of Communication: The literal meaning of communication is to show two diffusion forms to inform.

Process of Communication Step By Step

The word communication is derived from the Latin word commune. Which is a community social society or social system. Where people are dependent on each other. In a community, the exchange for mutual benefit is common communication. Calls for the exchange of ideas or sharing of feeling for mutual benefit.

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Process of Communication

That the communication should be able to meet the above objectives. It should be able to communicate its feelings and thoughts between the seller and the customer.

Sales Communications

Sales communication involves the exchange of ideas. Ideas knowledge and information with customers and potential customers This information is the flow of knowledge. It is a give-and-take offer.

Many times people misunderstand communication by saying that they are one way. But communication is required. Merely giving information is not two-way communication. Throwing is not catching.

It must be assured by the receiver and the response of the receiver is received by the sender. The purpose of communication is to elicit positive feedback from the receiver. And so do customers.

Treat us as we wish Communication is the act of transmitting verbal and nonverbal information between sellers and buyers. It is the process of exchange of sender and receiver messages with some kind of response expected from buyers.

Process of Communication

The process of communication is not an action. Once a word is processed. And it must be processed Both the parties must act as the sender and receiver of the information Let’s start the process of communication.

1. Sender

The source of communication is also called the communicator. This is the center of the message in our case. This is a salesperson. Blocked idea and thought to impress the buyer. [Process of Communication]

He has knowledge of facts and figures information etc. And when that’s a possibility. So he wants to communicate. Messages get their response in their own way and then they become the sender. And sellers get it.

2. Encoding Process

It is changing the mind. Converting marketing objectives into messages by the seller. It is the process of creating expressive language sign symbols and sound images to communicate with the receiver company. [Process of Communication]

Company Developed Signboard Signal An Developed Promotional Message An understandable form to convey the message to the prospect in the salesperson table of the topic of communication This is the development of the marketing message and materials used in the sales process prospect.

Express your likes or dislikes by behavior WhatsApp Negative Action Those messages express demand orders.

3. Message

This is a matter of communication in the sailing message. The information provided in the sales presentation is. This is the picture symbol W and the language used for communication. This includes verbal and nonverbal communication.

4. Medium

It is the media for transmitting a message from sender to receiver in an interpersonal conversation. This sound is facial experience or gadget body language.

A two-way conversation reception is generally high for the purpose of a mass communications company. Television newspaper uses the Internet.

Promotions usually propose the possibility to disseminate information. Use body language to express their likes and dislikes. Very few people use social media to express their interests. [Process of Communication]

5. Decoording Process

Decoding is the process of receiving trans relation and interpretation of information by the receiver. It is a process of understanding the message sign symbol language sent by the center.

This is for the real meaning to be ascertained by the receiver. Decoding is the most important element in communication. process because the whole comparison process depends on it. [Process of Communication]

Server factors affect decoding such as the relationship environment is a style of expression. nonverbal expressions etc.

6. Receiver

The receiver is the individual or the target group of the marketer. who receives a message. This is another messaging process.

This is the market or prospect for which the promotion is targeted is the receiver company. If he is expecting a response from the customer.

7. Response

This is the response from the receiver. It is the feedback from the customer and the market. It can be positive or negative.

Or there may be no response from the market. The company’s response is to meet the customer’s requirements meet the demand.

8. Feedback

It is the receiver’s responsibility to the sender. This is the message sent by the receiver. It is the response to the message by the receiver.

It can be verbal or nonverbal. And the action is immediate in this personal face-to-face communication. But advertising and communications for mass need to wait for the company to see or believe the market research.

Market reaction is the reaction of the company. Receiver Communication Idea Feedback Marketers must learn to lead. and is expressed as meaning conveyed by the receiver. [Process of Communication]

And some of the receiver’s inherent voluntary and involuntary response is quick and others are slow.

9. Noise

Factor communication between buyer and seller. Which disturbs or slows down the communication process, reducing the quality and speed of communication. This creates a problem. and creates difficulties in communication.

Which they are at the plant. And uncontrollable factors create a negative environment for the smooth flow of information noise.

Interruption of communication is involved, and it reduces the accuracy of communication. It can be defined as any disturbing session interfering.

Which confuses the mess. And for successful communication, the buyer surveys the area as noise is the factor responsible for miscommunication.

For example, language, sound, light quality, and transmitting media create barriers. It also depends on the capability and responsible knowledge of the center.

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