What is Marketing Mix? 3Ps & 7Ps with Free Explain in 2024

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What is Marketing Mix: 4ps marketing mix is ​​not really a matter of marketing mix debate.

What is Marketing Mix? 3Ps & 7Ps with Explain

More does not mean that high marketing efficiency is to identify marketing mix marketing tools. And integrate them to get the best results. Which is customer satisfaction. The marketing mix is ​​a tool to implement as per requirement.

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What is Marketing Mix?

The organization they develop as the marketing environment. Now let me tell you guys. What are the factors of the marketing mix? [What is Marketing Mix]

I will explain to you their complete list. You will get complete information. Let’s get started with the 4ps marketing mix and 3 ps marketing as well. There are 4ps marketing mixes. Let’s get started.

1. Product

Anything that satisfies a buyer’s need. It must be hell for you and the customer will be willing to exchange it by exchange of utility product company for customers. And customers can satisfy their needs. [What is Marketing Mix]

It can be a tangible or intangible product service. For the special nature of service, service marketing has developed an additional 3Ps.

Those people are the process. And physical evidence defines marketing. The win-win game product is the tool of the game.

2. Place

It is the market where products are exchanged for the purpose of marketing management. There is a system and method developed by the market.

Which is to provide the goods to the buyers when and where they want. It is a system developed to move goods from point to point of production.

Time of Sales Distribution System Creation Time Utility Location Utility Ownership Utility is the point of service delivery in the service industry so the channel of distribution is the system developed to transfer the goods produced to the consumer at the point of service delivery which is developed by the manufacturer. [What is Marketing Mix]

The service delivery process is developed by this company and accepted by the consumers. It is understood as a pipe.

In which the physical flow with ownership follows the payment information flow. And the promotional flow is moving forward.

It is a system that makes the product available. The target consumer is a network of individual independent organizations coordinated by each manufacturer.

3. Price

Is the value of the product or the expected utility of the company expressed in money. It is the source of income for the company. But this is the cost of the consumer.

These are economic terms used to express utility. is the source of revenue. This business objective helps the company participate in the sale.

Revenue is an unlimited source of value. Determination of profit and loss for all other business activities such as administration, accounting, manufacturing, production, etc. The marketing department has express expenses for the company. [What is Marketing Mix]

The company generates a value between only 4ps the income in the store A simple pricing mistake can cause a business sector.

Even when all other elements of businesses are sound prices are the main cost of the consumer. This includes their IEA report for money for consumers.

This includes all other costs paid by them. This is the cost of ownership to obtain our product. And the cost of beauty consumption product price advantage is the most effective tool in the market.

The most immediate response is achieved by rewards. This is the most flexible tour management. Which marketing can use in the market? Marketing is defined as a game. And the prize is the law of the game.

4. Promotion

To enhance and highlight the company’s product and company’s offering. This includes all the company that wants to create desire. It tries to motivate tired buyers and potential buyers to get involved in the exchange process. [What is Marketing Mix]

It provides information. Promotion is meaningful communication so that buyers can make the right decisions. It is more empowered to influence consumers.

And that the consumer will act as the desired way of communication is most publicity to organize the meaning of communication to reduce the gap between producers and actual or potential consumers as well as business intermediates.

The important function of promotion is to bring our nervousness to influence the purchasing behavior of customers.

  • Advertisement
  • Public relation
  • Sales support
  • Publicity
  • Personal selling

The purpose of service management promotion involves the creation of expectations and promotion of promise management. and motivates the consumer to play a winning game. [What is Marketing Mix]

Additional 3ps Service products are intangible non-material concepts. They are excel gits process activities. Which is the solution to the customer’s problem.

what they produce and consume. Simulation is idiomatic e therefore the consumer is also involved in the service production process.

Due to all this complexity additional, their PS is added to the support. Which era’s marketing mix is ​​known as the service marketing mix?

5. People

Service is intangible so consumers feel reliable service delivery staff are self-service. Or is it a service? How employees interact responsibly with the consumer.

Hence it is necessary to focus on the quality of human resources and their involvement with consumer satisfaction. Including the people component Service delivery staff Consumers follow up with the customer

6. Physical evidence

Intangible service is created with the help of tangible elements. They are tangible proofs of the service idea.

Which is given to the ambitions of the Dakar environment and product. or where the product is consumed. It describes the service delivery environment, service equipment, equipment, etc. [What is Marketing Mix]

Process It is the mechanism of interaction that takes place in the service. It is a service delivery method. These are explained as moments of truth on the pretext of work.

Process features include speed efficiency service time wait time appointment system and forms and documents rules and regulations etc. This is the ness of continuous efficiency and smooth service delivery.

[What is Marketing Mix]

1. What are the Elements of 4ps Marketing?

The four elements of 4ps marketing are as follows:

  • Product
  • Place
  • promotion
  • price

2. What are the elements of 3Ps Marketing?

  • Ficus religiosa
  • physical evidence
  • process


I would say that I have told you simple information. Along with that what is the marketing mix and you must have got information about the 4 Ps Marketing Mix and 3ps Marketing Mix? [What is Marketing Mix]

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