What is Communication of Free Service in 2024

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What is Communication: The literal meaning of communication. To inform, to tell, to spare, to inform, etc.

They have a common language in a community. Each member shares very similar interests.

What is the Communication of Service Product? Process of Communication

They understand each other, they are ready to exchange for mutual benefit. Similarly, communication is sharing of failed ideas in exchange for mutual benefit.[What is Communication]

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1. What is Communication?

In marketing communication, the knowledge sharing is to inform to achieve the marketing objective. The communication must be able to meet the marketing objectives.

It should be able to share ideas between the company and the customer. And for the purpose of marketing the customers are classified into internal and. External customers are outside the formal organization.

And internal customers are inside formal organizations. They are employees and employees of the company..[What is Communication]

Marketing communication involves the exchange of ideas. Knowledge and information are exchanged with the customer. And there should be an even flow of information to the potential customer, this is a give. And takes the offer saying that they are one of a kind. But communication should be two way.

Mere giving of information is not communication. It must be received reassuringly and the imagery emitted by the receiver is not catching the purpose of the communication. To receive positive feedback from the receiver. Customers should act as we want to behave as we want them to.

Marketing communication is the act of transmitting verbal and nonverbal information between the company and the customer.

It is an exchange process between the company and the buyers to sell and receive a message with the expected response. Who is pursuing in marketing communication to impress the receiver.

2. Service Communication Process

Communication is a one time action not a word. It is a process. And it should be in two ways. Both the parties act as the sender and receiver of the information.

Also, it is advisable to understand this. That is the process of receiving feedback messages. So the sender became the sender Let’s start talking about the top 8 steps in the service communication process. .[What is Communication]

1. Sender

The source of communication is also called the communicator. This is the center of the message. If the sender is the organization or source of the message.

So it can be an individual or an organization. The sender may be an e-service employee in Interpersonal Conversation Protection. Consumer or press release is an advertising sender company and organization.

which communicates with the consumers to achieve its goal. This company is a marketing messaging company. Which establishes objectives for certain ideas based on the idea company. The company develops the message to the customers. Express your desire to serve the company.

2. Encoding process

The idea is to convert idea marketing objectives into a message by the center. It is the process of producing a meaningful word, language, signal, symbol, sound or picture for the receiver’s customers.

Express your likes or dislikes with the behavior Words Negative Actions Consumers Express messages by words Demand orders.

The company developed the signboard Signal Developers promotional message. They develop communication in an understandable form to convey this message to the people. .[What is Communication]

This is the development of the marketing message. And coding is the process of converting the content idea and concept into language and content used in marketing.

3. Message

This is the subject of communication Information provided in the marketing presentation This is a picture symbol symbol word. It can be expressed by the consumer in the form of the language used for communication.

4. Medium

It is the media for transmitting a message from sender to receiver under mutual protection. This is a sound facial expression for body language in a two-way protection reception.

This is a typical height for the purpose of a mass communication company. Television newspapers use the Internet. It is it transmits promotional information. The most frequently used medium H letter Visual content sound and body language are the main means of sales presentation.

5. Recording process

Decoding is the process of receiving and translating and interpreting information by the receiver. It is a process of understanding the message symbol language sent by the sender..[What is Communication]

Decoding is the most important element in a communication in order to find out the actual meaning expressed and implied by the receiver.

The process depends on it because of the whole comparison process. that serval factors affect the recording. Such as relationship environment, style of expression, non-verbal expression etc.

6. Receiver

The receiver is the individual or target group of the marketer. The one who receives a message has the other hand of the message to process it. This is the promotion of the customers of the market, it is the company if it is expecting a response from the customer.

7. Response

It’s the response from the receiver, it’s the feedback from the customer and the marketer. It can be positive or negative. Or there may be no response from the market. The company’s response is to meet the customers’ requirement for the filament of demand.

8. Feedback

It is the receiver’s responsibility to the sender. The message is sent by the receiver. It is the response of the message by the receiver. It can be verbal and non-verbal and the action is immediate in personal face-to-face communication.

But for advertising and mass communication company need to wait and see or behave in market research. Market feedback is the company’s feedback.

The receiver communicates through feedback. The market must learn to read the meanings expressed by the receiver as they are expressed and implied voluntarily and involuntarily. Some receivers are quick and others are slow in responding.

9. Noise

Factors that drive written communication between buyers and sailors. It’s anything. Which disturbs and slows down the communication process. Reduces the quality and speed of communication.

This creates a problem. And the difficulties in communication are those planned and uncontrollable factors. They create a negative environment for the smooth.

The flow of information noise includes the variance to communicate to the Sun. This reduces the accuracy of communication.

It can be defined as any lock or interference that is entangled in serving as a barrier to successful communication. Noise is the major factor responsible for miscommunication.

For example, language varies the quality of sound and light-transmitting media. It also depends on the capacity and response knowledge of the centre.


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