Types of Communication 9 types with Complete Explain in 2024

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Types of Communication: Now I am going to give you information about the types of communication.

Because to understand communication, we need to know about its types. And here are all the types.

Types of Communication

The concepts of communication can be found in all of them. By which we get to know about it. Communication happens both ways. When a person shares his feelings and thoughts with another person.

So others also need to understand. If he doesn’t understand. So it is not considered communication. So there are many types of communication here.

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In which read the full post to understand in detail Interpersonal Communication, Mass Communication, Formal Marketing Communication, In Formal Marketing Communication, International Marketing.

Types of Communication

A service marketing manager must be familiar with the different types of communication in order to increase the effectiveness of his communication.

1. Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal Communication This type of communication is direct face-to-face communication between two or more people. People are generally not in communication with the household. Therefore both the receiver and the sender can respond quickly.

2. Mass Communication

Refers to communication with a large number of listeners. Generally, mass media of communication is used for this purpose. Examples of this type of communication are publishing persuasive messages through radio, television, newspapers, etc.

The center does not communicate with specific people but with the people of the magazine. The company is unable to receive and market response to its message requires an immediate response. Instead, the marketing manager needs to wait longer to relative Lee.

To see whether the response of people to the large mass communication for speed generates additional messages or noise then the composure environment protects the effectiveness of the mass communication effort.

3. Formal marketing communication

It is planned and formally expressed by the company. It is designed and managed by the company. And communication with customers is done.

4. Informal marketing communication

The company does not intend to transmit this message. It is not planned and designed by the company. The Company has no control over this type of communication. The message from the source is stronger than the message conveyed through formal communication.

5. Clear marketing communication

This is expressed by the company. This is an action of the intention of the company.

The word and language message conveyed by the company is planned and managed. Or a restaurant decorated with antiques to give the impression of your commercial success in the long run.

6. Implicit marketing communication

This is not expressed by the company. But what do I understand? This leads by the customer which is stronger than the exploratory communication in the form of a newly opened hotel.

He printed his browser with picture quality The customer understood the low-quality service of the hotel.

7. Internal marketing communication

This is internal marketing communication within the organization. It’s up to the employees to communicate with who they are. Or read a horizontal and vertical horizontal communication.

There is communication within each department. And every employee in each department should know. That’s what’s happening in the next department. Top to bottom and bottom to top intercommunication is essential. To maintain two-way communication within the organization.

8. External marketing communication

External words Organizational communication with the world is external communication. This is to communicate with government customers. And which society is an example of internal communication? Advertising Public Relations Your Support Personnel Service Promotions Etc.

9. Interactive marketing communication

If delivered by employees to customers through service or in the course of service. The message counters personal selling. So this includes the message delivered by escaping the service.

Final Word.

Get information about all types of communication where we have given you the concept of 9 types in this post. With all these concepts, you will understand the types of communication very well. Thank you


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