Concept of Advertisement with Free Example in 2024

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Concept of Advertisement we can say. That is when a person calls another person .and shares his idea fact with another person.

Concept of Advertisement

So it is called Communication. until one person understands the words of the other person. Till then we cannot call it communication. To communicate effectively. We have to understand all the things about a person.

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Fact Answer: Communication is the transfer of Information from One person to another person.

According to Stephen P Robbins: “Communication is the transference and understanding of meaning.

Rekey w Griffin: “Communication is the process of transmitting information from one person to another.”

Concept of Advertisement

Advertising is one of the most unique words. which is used the most. It is used for promotion. Through this, we can make people pay attention to any commodity or service. Concept of Advertisement is a mass-pad communication. In which the words presentation and promotion are associated. With its help, we can deliver goods and services to the people.

Manson and Rath:- “Advertising is a Salesmanship without a Personal Salesman.”

Characteristic of Advertising

We have read about advertising. So after that, we can understand its characteristics. And you can write yourself. So below are some of the features based on the concept.

  • To promote product and service
  • Advertising is not personal salesmanship
  • it is a costly communication
  • With its help, we can connect with millions of people at once.

Marketing Communication

We all know about marketing. With this, if we talk about marketing communication, then there is a slight difference between these two. And with this, marketing and communication are dependent on each other. Meaning that communication is not done well while marketing.

So there will be no purpose in doing marketing. [Concept of Advertisement] Because when we do marketing. So we have to tell many people about our product and service. while the fact of our communication. He has to use it. I gave you the concept of communication in the beginning. So I won’t talk much about that.

Whenever a company brings out a new product. So whatever work is done in some product to reach it to the people. We can put all of that in communication.

Because here the consumer looks at the product and understands its design, packaging quality, and whatever is written in it. With this, he is able to understand by looking at the photo symbol, etc. in it. And he is able to communicate. Should I buy this product or not?

key Element of Communication

What are the elements of communication with friends? We need to know about them too. So first of all we have to understand the basic element. Whose list I am giving you below.

  • Two Way Process
  • Flow
  • Symbols
  • Channels

1. Two-Way Process

Communication should be from both sides. And there must be two or more people to communicate with it. The message was given by one person to another person. He should understand. And at the same time to whom a person has spoken. That too should be understood at once.

2. Flow

Another element of communication is flow. When one person gives some information to another person. So that information flows in every single way.

3. Symbols

Many symbols are used in communication, such as photos, songs, and words are used. All these components give a message. and do communication.

4. Channels

The second element of communication is also the channel. We can also call this media. With the help of this, we can communicate through different mediums.

After knowing about the element, now we move ahead. There is another topic in the post. Let’s understand the purpose of advertising

Objectives of Advertising

Now we will talk about the purpose of advertising. What is the purpose of advertising? And why it is done. [Concept of Advertisement] So we also need to understand it. So I give you complete information about step by step.

  • Information
  • Encouragement
  • Reminder
  • Reinforcement
  • Image building
  • The success of the competition
  • Help in other promotion tools

1. Information

The main purpose of information advertising is. Because without advertisement, we cannot deliver any product or service information to the broad masses. Works as an advertising middleman. With the help of this to reach the product to the customer, we can give complete information about the product to the people. Can raise public awareness about the quality, quantity, and price of the item.

2. Persuasion (Encouragement)

Advertisement not only tells their customers about the item, but it also encourages them. That one item should be bought. Their mind provides quality information about the object in the brain. Maybe this item can be used once. So by this, the customer definitely uses the product.

3. Reminder

The consumer may have forgotten the item after using it once. But after seeing the advertisement, the object gets printed in their mind. And he thinks of buying that item again. So this is also a purpose of advertising. So that never forget about that item in mind of the customer. In this way, it is targeted.

4. Boosting (Reinforcement)

This is the most important purpose of advertising. Through advertising, customers can understand the price quantity of the goods. Once there is a customer, he buys it. So after that, there are probably many customers like this. Those who do not buy that item again. So due to advertising, the customer buys the item again and some advertising is shown in their mind in this way.

5. Image building

This is the long-term objective of the advertisement. Creates a picture in the mind of the customer about any organization and brand. The customer can never forget this. Which company is the product from? And which brand? For example, Samsung brand Sony brand Apple brand is world-famous brands and companies. So this kind of advertising works.

6. The success of the competition

Advertisement is done to be successful in the competition. Because it is easy to bring a new product to the people. But not everyone will buy this product. You will not give complete information about it to the people. [Concept of Advertisement] And will not make them realize. that this product is best for you. So this tool is best for advertising. And it becomes easy to compete with your competitor.

Elements of Advertising

Now we are going to talk. It has five main popular elements regarding the elements of the advertisement. We will get into Fundamental Advertising.

  • Mission
  • Money
  • Message
  • Media
  • Measurement

1. Mission

Advertising is a mission that works to bring the product and service to the people. Along with this, the main mission of the advertisement is to make the company famous. [Concept of Advertisement] Along with this and within the main mission, the information customer has to do target enhancement image building, etc. So that the customer is satisfied and takes over the product and service.

2. Money

As I mentioned in the features of the advertisement. That advertisement is a paid communication. So what comes out of here? That advertising costs money. So what is this money spent on? His list is given below.

Development cost- Visualization, copywriting, illustrating, layout design.
Production cost- Recording, Film, Photography, Printing.
Media cost-
Service Charge.
Administrative cost-
Administrative Cost.

3. Message

Advertising means. That’s why the message has been included in the element of the advertisement to inform the people about the product. So the audience we are targeting. We want to give him a message. [Concept of Advertisement] That we have this product and service. What benefits will you get from this? So all that thing is told through advertisement. So the methods of conveying messages in the advertisement are different, their list is below.

  • Verbal or Non-verbal (Visual)
  • Non-personal

4. Media

Video plays an important role in advertising. Whenever we create a product or service. So the task of bringing it to the people is the work of advertising. And through advertising media. [Concept of Advertisement] So it is more effective. With this, the media follows some steps. To bring products and services to the people.

Indoor- Newspaper, Magazine, Radio, Television, Cinema

Outdoor-Billboards, Posters, Electrical Sign Board, Wall Painting, Skywriting

Direct-Email, Catalog, Hand Bill, Gift, Internet

Display- Mobile, Showroom

5. Measurement

Now let’s talk about measurement, after starting the advertisement, we have to do the measurement of our product. That’s how much communication happened. [Concept of Advertisement] How many people have come to know about our product and service? With this, how many people have bought it? And how effective has it been? The product is its implementation and helps in taking the decision.

Types of Advertising

Now from the type of most important advertisement here, we have to understand them in a better way. That’s how many types of advertising are there, so here we will know about the fundamental types. [Concept of Advertisement] We won’t get into these more details later when I’ll tell you about advanced advertising. At that time you will be told about Advanced Types. So now we will learn about the basic fundamental types.

  • Producer Advertising
  • Reseller advertising
  • personal advertising
  • Government advertising
  • Social advertising
  • Group advertising

1. Producer Advertising

( Sub-Types: Consumer Advertising, Trade Advertising, Corporate Advertising)

Consumer Advertising– Targeting the customer is called consumer advertising.

Trade Advertising– Dealers, Wholesalers, and Retailers are targeted under trade advertising.

Corporate Advertising– Within corporate advertising, usually the big organization company is shown about them to the people through sponsors.

2. Reseller advertising

Dealer, Wholesaler, Retailer– We can understand the meaning of reseller advertising by its name. Once the goods are bought, put them back on sale. So for this, the first thing that happens is number one. [Concept of Advertisement] The dealer then leaves the dealer. The wholesaler reaches the retailer after the wholesaler. And in the end, the customer buys it.

3. Personal advertising

We can also call a personal advertisement an individual advertisement. Inside this, an individual is targeted. If someone’s birthday comes for the exam, then the advertising was done to make him wish someone is getting married. Someone wants to wish him from afar. Advertising is done for him etc.

4. Government advertising

Various Types of Notice: Job opening notice, public notice.

Whenever the government makes any job announcement. Then we take the help of advertisements to tell everyone, then we call it government advertising, for this the government uses every media like newspapers, online websites, etc.

Some Important FAQ

1. What is communication?

means communication. That a person tells his point to another person where he shares his information with him. And the one who understands it is called communication.

2. What is Advertisement?

Advertising means. A community has to be informed about anything by not telling one person. This is what we call advertising.

3. Why do advertising?

At present, it is difficult to reach any new product to the people without advertising, so advertising is done.


I hope finally friends. That you must have gotten information about Fundamental Advertising through this post. This is the basic introduction part. So now I will keep updating new information about it in the future. [Concept of Advertisement] With this, if you want to learn computer. So you can visit our website. There you can learn two languages. One Hindi and one English, I will name you below both websites. So you can leave from there. and can visit there thank you

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