WordPress Website Development Free Course in 2024

WordPress Website Development: Hello, friends all of you are welcome. In which post, how do I make you a WordPress website?

WordPress Website Development Course 

WordPress Website Development

I am going to give complete information about him. Along with this, you will also be provided a tutorial to complete the website. So let’s know.

To take your business forward, you have to take one more step to learn the Complete WordPress Website. And that is WordPress website development, with the help of this course you can create a beautiful website.

Stepboys provides complete information in this course. So far, more than sixty thousand people have learned from him. This course is made in the English language. And it is free.

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WordPress Website Development

My dear friends, I want to thank all of you guys. That you guys have learned this course and have given your feedback, with this, all my friends and students who are going to learn this course.

I wholeheartedly welcome them all. If you want to create your website. And you want to develop the website by yourself. Without any help, you are selecting the right course. Through this course, you will be taught all the information about website development.

And complete information about the Eliminator Page Builder plugin will be given. After completing this course, you will have advanced knowledge. With which you can become a specialist in WordPress. Many people think this. That it is very difficult to create a WordPress website. But this does not happen.

The website can be created in WordPress most easily and intuitively. We just need fundamental knowledge. If we understand the basic information, then you can easily create a website in WordPress. WordPress Website Development

Top 10 Fastest Themes of WordPress 

Top 10 Free Popular WordPress Themes

Learn WordPress Development Tutorial 2024

In this, we do not need coding to create a website, Learn Complete WordPress Website only we should come to run the tools. With their help, we can design the website well.

In this course, you have been told about WordPress website development in just a short time. In this course, small information was given. And the complete information of WordPress is described. Website development is explained.

Through the information given in this course, you can create a WordPress website. And you can also manage it. There is no doubt in this matter. That this course may not be suitable for you. WordPress Website Development

This course is designed for you but for that

  • You can create a website for your business service and brand.
  • If you want to learn how to make a website.
  • If you want to get updated about the features of WordPress

What else did you learn through this course

  • How do domains and hosting settle?
  • Complete knowledge of the WordPress platform
  • Learn to create your blog
  • More Website Design
  • Learn Elementor Page Builder
  • Manage plugins and themes in WordPress
  • Make a child theme
  • Design pages and posts in a block
  • Design a slider
  • Make Logo
  • Design a photo
  • And more than that

What is this course for

  • Who wants to create a website
  • Do business online
  • Open online shop

List of course requirements

  • Must have computer
  • Must have an internet connection
  • Want to learn
  • Experience has no requirements
  • The course is a complete starter

What are the Requirements for Creating a New Website: Hello, friends welcome to all of you. In this post, today I will tell you. How can we make our website? And what are the requirements we need for that? So, first of all, I want to tell you this. If you are building a website. So what are you making? Depends on that. WordPress Website Development

What are the Requirements for Creating a New Website

What is your requirement? Here I am, what is the requirement for a WordPress website? I will tell you about him. So if you are thinking of making your website in WordPress. So you must read this post. Here I will tell you about all the requirements.

that is what you need. And when you start building a website. What do you have to learn before that? And with that whatever the requirement is. You are going to give complete information about it in this post.

Create New Website

Friends, what is the requirement to make a WordPress website? I’ll give you his list below. And I will give you information about them.

  • Buy a domain
  • Buy hosting
  • Knowledge about WordPress
  • Know about database
  • Know cPanel
  • WordPress theme required
  • WordPress plugin required

We have to understand the above topics. Here we should know a little bit about these things. Only after that, we can create a WordPress website. So let’s do what is written above. Let me explain a little bit about it.

1. Buy a domain

To create a WordPress website, first, we have to buy a domain. Meaning we have to buy the name of our website.

Why can we buy our website name with the help of a domain name provider? For this, we have to first select the name of our website.

For this, you should spend some time thinking. Because that’s the name we’ll buy. If it is for a lifetime then we can go here to buy it. WordPress Website Development

Best Domain Provider [First Time]

  • GoDaddy.com

Domain Name Renew [Sec Time]

  • Namecheap.com

2. Buy Hosting

To make a website in Hot Press, the second thing that we require is. He has a name. Hosting This is a database. Here we create a database for our website.

Where we keep all the resources of our website. Many companies give you a chance to buy it. So here the best company has to be selected. For that, I will tell you the company below.

Best Web Hosting Provider

  • Hostinger.com
  • Hostgator.com

3. Knowledge about WordPress

If you are building a website in WordPress. So you must know about WordPress. For that, once you understand WordPress well. So it is. Open source is a website building software.

With the help of this, we can make our website without coding. It is very easy to create a website in it. So you can know more about it. So for that let me tell you the way to reach its website. WordPress Website Development

Website: wordpress.org

4. Know about database & Username

If you are building a website in WordPress. So you should know about databases. A database is stored. Meaning as much as we put photo and video content on our website.

He keeps all the stores. Anyone who comes to our website. That’s when the song video has this content. So from there, he can access it. Whenever we make our website. So we have to create a database.

5. Know cPanel

With the help of cPanel, we can get information about our website. Along with this, with its help, we have to create a database and username for the WordPress website.

Here we can manage our website well. Here we can do the complete set for our website. And with this, we can also create more websites in the name of our website here. WordPress Website Development

6. WordPress theme and plugin

Creating a website in WordPress. So we must know WordPress themes and plugins. Because here all the work is done by these two.

If both of these are not used in WordPress. So our website will not look like a website. So for this, one should know about these two very well. Which is the best theme? With this, which are the best plugins? Whose list I give you below.

Best Theme For WordPress Site

Generate press
Hello Elementor
Popular FX
Ocean WP

Best Plugin For WordPress Site

Contact form
Yoast SEO
updraft plus
Insert header and footer
Site kit by Google

All the information mentioned above. Once you have a good understanding of them and when the website is to be built in WordPress. So it is important to know about all these. And by applying all these, a WordPress website can be made. Visit Also: FreeCourseWeb.org

Which topics will be explained in the course


The basic introduction will be explained in the course introduction. What is WordPress? Where do you use it? In what way does it use it? all information.

Domain and Hosting

You will be told inside Domain and Hosting. Which way do we have to buy a domain and which hosting is the best? And how do these two get set up with each other?

Install WordPress

After connecting the domain to hosting, we have to install WordPress in our domain. So how do we do that? It will be told inside it. And what setting do we have to do in it? Information about that will also be given.


When creating a menubar, we have to pay the most attention to what. And how do we keep the menu bar? You will find complete information about it in this section.

Install theme

What are the best themes in WordPress? Information about them will be given and the top 10 themes will also be told.

Install plugin

How many plugins do we have to install on a WordPress website? And what are the top 10 plugins and which are the most popular plugins? They will be told and their information will be given.

Some Important Terminology or Contents of WordPress

Blog post

How do we make a page in a blog? And let’s write a new post. So how do we write that post? You will be given full information about it. And how much content has to be written inside the post. Information about that will also be given.


There are many such settings within the WordPress settings, with the help of which we can do search engine optimization of our WordPress website, it contains the most important Permalink and after that, we have to enter the title and description of the website, so we Can be set with the help of setting


With the option of customization, we design our website. Here we can also use the dropdown option. From here it becomes very easy to manage the website.

  • Custom CSS
  • home page

There are many such options when creating a website. Which we have to take care of. Sometimes when managing in WordPress we do not get any option. So we can manage it by going to the direct CSS option and writing code there.

And if we have to manage the front page on our website. So we have to manage the home page. Then after that, we can design our website attractive.

Most Required Page (Private Policy, DMCA Policy, Term & Condition, About Us & Contact Us)

Contact page

If we build a WordPress website. So we have to give a link to do our contact in it. For this, we can take the help of a plugin. Or with the help of the code itself, we can create a form for contact us. Which we have to put in the menubar.

  • Bullet numbering photo
  • Block page
  • Course Resource
  • Starting
  • Single post
  • Child theme
  • Blog page
  • Best WordPress Plugin
  • Best WordPress Theme

Friends, if you like this post. So you must share this post with your friends. And give them a chance to know as well. WordPress can be learned in this way.

And the terminology used in the press is one of the methods that we have just learned. So later we can learn more things in advance.

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