How to Basic SEO Works According to Google in 2024

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How to Basic SEO Works: Hello, friends welcome to all of you. In today’s post, I will give you information.

That’s how basic search engine optimization works according to Google.

How to Basic SEO Works According to Google in 2024

How to Basic SEO Works

If you haven’t read this post. So how does the Google search engine work? You will not know about him. And before that, I had put a post. in which I told.

What if we have to learn search engine optimization according to Google? So what do we have to do? If you haven’t read that post. So do read it once.

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How does Google Search work?

We do a lot of searching on Google. But how does Google search work? Only a blogger remains to know about it. Because he has to bring his business to the first rank in the search engine.

Hence how it works. get information about it. Google always focuses the most on two things to see search results.

This is artificial intelligence. That’s why Google’s search algorithms focus on two things the most and show search results.

How to Basic SEO Works

  • Crawling
  • Indexing
  • Results

Now we will talk about two topics. Which will tell us what is the definition of these two.

How Basic SEO Works

1. Crawling

It means crawling. That is when we put a post on the internet through our website. Google crawls that post. Now we need to pay attention to this.

Google always crawls new posts only. And Crawling does the most by focusing on the updated post. Because always the new information is carried over by crawling Google’s algorithms.

If we have published a new post by putting duplicate content, then it works to crawl and take it down.[How to Basic SEO Works]

2. Indexing

Meaning of indexing. That is when we update new posts on the internet. So Google does indexing after crawling it. The information given in the post matches the photos and videos in its database.

The information we have entered. Involves that information with the information related to it. and shows in search results.

Like I put about Basic Search Engine Optimization, then other posts related to this will be in Google’s database. He will include this post of ours in that. Then it will show in the search result. [ How to Basic SEO Works]

3. Results

After Indexing and Crawling Google shows the result. As a result, Google only keeps those posts above. Containing quality content, use images and informative details.

Which determines the rank-wise result on Google’s first page. It is always easy to understand the content that people can read and solve their problems after reading it.

Like, suppose you are from India, and you are looking for. “Best Motorcycle Showroom Near By Rudrapur” then you will get the best result. Which is closer to your home? [ How to Basic SEO Works]

This will happen then. When your mobile will have your details in your Google search engine. By matching that detail, he will give the collection of the shop near your home.

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Your New Website on Google

Do you know whether your new website is on Google or not, then let’s talk about it too. If you have created a new website. So does Google know?

Whether your website has been created or is coming in the search engine or not. How will Google know about this and for this, whether Google has prepared its policy, policy rules, and technology or not, we also talk about it?

When we start a new website on the internet. So Google automatically starts indexing the new website. We just need to update the post on our website.

Along with this, we have to add some products to Google to show our website in the search engine to get it in the rank quickly.

But if we don’t. So Google put our website on the Internet after taking a little longer. So let’s know. How the website is shown on the Internet or in the search engine. [ How to Basic SEO Works]

  • If your website is not in Google Search Console, then make sure that it will not come in the search engine.
  • Make sure your website has HTTPS or not
  • Whether you are providing high-quality content on your website or not, also make sure that
  • Analyze whether what you type is being viewed across devices

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Optimize your website on Search Engine

Now it is the turn that we need to optimize our website in the search engine. Now we have created our website. And have done all the work to show it in the search results as well.

So now we need to optimize our website. Now, what do we have to do while optimizing or doing? So that Google optimizes our website quickly.

Whenever you add something to your website, put it in an explanatory way. With this, the topic that you have. Make it explanatory too and the content that you put in should also have quality.

Whatever content you put, enter it completely. Because Google has such technology. If the information you are giving. She is half incomplete. So the post-optimization of your website will not happen.

Whatever topic you write, analyze it once. Whether it is being demanded or not. Suppose you wrote what is digital marketing. But you should also note that a lot of information about digital marketing has already been updated. So the information was given by you and whether it is better or not and whether you have completed that information or not.

Keep regular updates to optimize your website, and keep posting regular posts. The old post you posted. Keep updating it too because Google always updates the new information and shows it in the search results.

If you are also placing photos in the post. So keep it in the text too because if the text is not put in the photo, then Google search engine will not bring your photo in the search because its system always understands the text and not the photo.

Check your website performance

We need to check the performance of our website. If we are updating our website regularly. And there are visitors also coming. So we need to check the performance of our website.

How many people are coming to our website? Which post is getting more? And what is your feedback? How much viewing time is coming in that? We can get all such information with the help of Google Search Console.

Note: You can also check the average position of your website’s posts in the Search Console. That’s how many posts you have on your website. Which page of Google and in what number all those posts are ranking? What we need to know.

What is SEO?

The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Its job is to improve our website and its posts and bring it to the search engine. Through this, we can improve our website in search engines. And can show in search results.

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Final Word:

Lastly, I will send the basic lesson here. So According to Google, we got the basic introduction in this post. Now we will go straight to the beginning lesson.

Where we will get to learn a lot. And this is what we will need for our website. If you do not understand anything from here. So you can ask us by commenting. You will get the answer immediately or you can contact me. Thank you

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