Angular for Beginners Free Course in 2024

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Angular for Beginners Angular 14 has been updated: A brief overview of the Angular framework, focusing on its most commonly used components.

Angular for Beginners Course

Angular for Beginners

The Angular framework has a lot to learn, which can be intimidating, especially for beginners. The good news is that some parts of the framework are used far more frequently than others. You’ll be using 10% of Angular’s features 90% of the time!

If you’re going to learn Angular, why not start with the features you’ll use the most and save the more advanced parts for later in your learning process?

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Overview of the Course

This course is an introductory course to the Angular framework for beginners. Angular for Beginners In this course, we will begin by configuring your development environment and then use the Angular CLI to quickly scaffold a small Angular project from the ground up.

Using this initial playground, we will then answer some of the most frequently asked Angular questions:

Why Angular, and what are its main benefits and features? Angular for Beginners We’ll respond by showing how the change detection mechanism works and introducing some Angular template syntax.

We will then go over the most commonly used parts of the Angular framework that you will be using all the time, such as Components, Pipes, Services, and Core directives.

Section I: Table of Contents

  • The following topics are covered in this course:
  • @Component allows you to create your own components.
  • @Input and @Output components, as well as event emitters
  • ngFor
  • ngIf
  • ngClass
  • style
  • switch
  • Pipes Installed
  • Asynchronous Pipe
  • Customized Pipes
  • @Injectable as well as Custom Services
  • HTTP Client – GET, POST, PUSH, and DELETE

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What Will You Discover in This Course?

This course will provide you with a hands-on, practical introduction to the Angular framework. Angular for Beginners You will feel very comfortable navigating the code of an existing Angular application and finding your way around after completing this course, and you will know how to build your own custom components.

What you’ll discover

  • Code is available on Github, with ZIP files for each section downloadable.
  • Feel at ease using the most commonly used Angular framework features.

Are there any course prerequisites or requirements?

  • Just a little HTML, CSS, and Javascript

Who should take this course:

  • Developers who want to get started with the Angular framework quickly.
  • Developers who want to learn the most commonly used parts of Angular first

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