Artificial Intelligence Introduction Free Course in 2024

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Artificial Intelligence introduction nontechnical course created especially for AI/ML/DL Applications.

Artificial Intelligence introduction course

Artificial Intelligence

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This course will dispel any doubts you may have, such as,

  1. What are the prerequisites for learning artificial intelligence?
  2. What is the Roadmap for Starting a Machine Learning Project? (ML)
  3. How do I select the best AI programming language?
  4. How much math knowledge is required for AI?
  5. What is the best AI Engine/Tool/Framework? and so forth…

Each video contains real-life scenario examples in simple language. So that anyone with no programming experience can understand Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in depth.

The content was created using the most popular Google or Yahoo searches.

By the end of this course, you will understand how much effort is required to begin your career in Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning Projects.

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Students and experienced professionals who are looking for sample coding can skip this course:) However, a case study with a coding course will be available soon:)

I have now enabled Auto Caption for non-English speaking students. However, the text will not be completely correct. As a result, I’ll be manually updating the captions as soon as possible.

All AI prerequisite topics such as programming language, mathematics, and machine learning algorithms will be available as a free course shortly. Continue to follow. Happy Studying!!

What you’ll discover

  • The Fundamental Concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Prerequisites or a Roadmap for Beginning a Machine Learning Project (ML)
  • How do I pick the best AI programming language?
  • How much math knowledge is required for AI?
  • Which AI Engine/Tool/Framework is the best?
  • Why should we learn Algorithms?
  • Machine Learning Algorithm Types with Real-Time Scenarios

Are there any course prerequisites or requirements?

Starting this course requires only a desire to learn.

Who should take this course:

  • AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. Aspirants
  • Aspirants in Machine Learning
  • a desire to learn more about artificial intelligence

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