Software Containerization with Docker Free in 2024

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Software Containerization with Docker Docker, Portainer, and Nginx Proxy Manager Software Containerization:

Software Containerization with Docker and Portainer

Software Containerization with Docker

Securing Docker Container Management with SSL Certs

Welcome to our course on using Docker, Portainer, Nginx Proxy Manager, Let’s Encrypt, and custom domain names to containerize software!

You will discover how to containerize your applications using Docker and utilize Portainer to manage them in this course. Additionally, you will discover how to leverage the Lets Encrypt SSL certificates to protect your containers and redirect traffic to them using the Nginx Proxy Manager. You will also discover how to use personalized domain names with your containers.

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Course Synopsis:

  • Software containerization – what is it?
  • Software Containerization with Docker
  • types of software in the context of containerization
  • Virtual machines and software virtualization
  • Installing Ubuntu Linux in a Virtual Machine in the Virtualization Lab (Linux Virtual Box)
  • Establishing a Basic Python Flask Application
  • How to use the Python Flask Framework to construct an HTML web application
  • Docker Bash Script: Use a bash script to create and launch a Docker container
  • A Docker container running and being inspected
  • Operations for Docker Container CLI
  • Docker hosting in the cloud
  • Management of Docker using Portainer
  • Nginx Proxy Manager for Containers with Custom Domains
  • WordPress with MySQL: Networking Multiple Containers in Practice
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates for Container Access Security

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Then Some

Learn the fundamentals of Docker and how to set it up on your computer first. From there, you will discover how to use the Portainer online interface to create and manage containers. Networks, volumes, and images will all be covered in terms of creation and management.

You will then discover how to encrypt your containers using Lets Encrypt SSL certificates and route traffic to them using Nginx Proxy Manager. Additionally, you’ll discover how to employ unique domain names with your containers.

You will work on practical projects all throughout the course that will let you put the theories you’ve studied into practice and provide you with experience with the tools. You will possess a comprehensive comprehension of containerization and

Developers, system administrators, and anybody else interested in containerization and managing their applications with Docker should take this course. Although prior Docker expertise is not necessary, it would be beneficial to have a fundamental knowledge of Linux and web development.

Enroll today to begin learning about using Docker, Portainer, Nginx Proxy Manager, Let’s Encrypt and Custom Domain Names to containerize your applications.

What you’ll discover

  • Be familiar with the idea of software containerization.
  • familiarize yourself with virtualization and hypervisors
  • Find out how to use the bash shell to create docker containers automatically.
  • Learn how to use CLI to run, examine, and manage docker containers.

Do any prerequisites or course requirements?

  • Basic Linux instructions for computers
  • Information technology students and hobbyists are the target audience for this course.
  • Software Professionals
  • Networking Specialists
  • DevOps students

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