What is the promotion mix for service products in 2024

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What is the promotion mix: The promotional mix is ​​a technique for managing various promotional methods.

What is the promotion mix for service products?

It is a concept of mixing various promotional tools and techniques to participate in the purpose of promotion. The mixture is a management skill to mix two different tools and techniques for the best result. There are various promotional tools.

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What is the promotion mix?

  • Advertisement
  • Public relation
  • Point of sale support and purchase communication
  • Direct marketing
  • Publicity
  • Personal selling

The above promotional methods are no different. What is the promotion mix And the independent one must be supported by the other. A mix of different promotional tools should be used to achieve the promotional goal.

One way is no better than the other. This service depends on the type of market situation. Product life cycle It is easy to use different promotional methods to get the best results.

This is called the promotional mix. Each service organization needs to develop its own individual mix to participate in the best results.

1. Advertisement

Advertising is a non-personal communication of a sales message. It is distributed through paid media for the purpose of influencing real or potential customers.

It can be described as a paid public message. designed to describe. Or Parsi is a way of communicating a product, service, or organization advertising Porsche.

UCV Marketing Message Through Paid Mass Media It is a communication to sell a product or service or to highlight the image of the organization. What is the promotion mix This isolates the importance of the product. Builds brand loyalty. And tummies create trust among the consumer. and influence their decisions.

Advertising media

Print media- newspaper, magazine, journals, book, directory, browser, insert direct mail.

Visual media- Billboard, poster, display sign, skywriting, point-of-sale, decoration, exhibit.

Audio medium- radio ,audio tab, telephone.

Audiovisual- television, film, videotapes.

Electronic- internet email fax

2. Public relation

Public relations is the art and science of planning and implementing communication to create a positive image of the service and organization. What is the promotion mix It is the constant and consistent representation of the organization to the public.

It is very important in the service business. Because the image of the organization represents the quality. Service It serves the purpose of PR. To acquire and maintain an organization.

Publicity active image in the public eye This service promotes favorable attitudes and opinions towards the organization. And its policies are public relations communication in two ways.

Advertising is more concerned with the product. and related to public relations organizations. Service business organizational reputation is more important.

3. Sales Promotion and Sales Support

Sales promotion is another marketing tool for promoting your goods and services. This is a short-term promotional effort. Whereas advertising provides the reason for buying consumers or sales promotion proposition.

Or the reason to buy now sales promotion The sales promotion offers the product with an incentive to buy. Include a wide variety of promotional tools designed to simulate strong market response Example of incentives provided in hotel business Coupons premium discounts etc.

Tour packaging and sales as a single product and special rental offer Use in hotel business Some of the popular sales promotion techniques used are sales promotion that drives excitement and pulls power to support sellers and buyers to buy.

4. Direct marketing

Under Direct Marketing, the service is provided by talking directly with the customer about the service. In such a situation, as much as we give information about the object.

At the same time, the customer can use that service and get information about it, along with this, many offers are given here.

Because with any new product we are provided service free. So that the trust of the people can be won and they can serve their product well and can explain to them.

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