What is JAVA? History, Use, Types & Features Free in 2024

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What is JAVA Java is a programming language. Which is used to fulfill the objectives digitally.

What is JAVA? History, Use, Types & Features

So we go to the market and that’s when we had to transfer money. Then we had to go to the bank. The present era is the era of digital technology. In the present time, with the help of the internet, you can do shopping sitting at home on your mobile itself, or you can transfer money to anyone without going to the bank.

Do you know? How has all this been possible? After all, how do we order anything sitting at home with the help of a mobile, and how does it reach our house? Friends, all this has been possible with the help of programming languages, one of which is Java. With the help of which such software or applications have been created. The gardens of today have become the center of help in the hectic life.

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Today we will learn about one such language which has saved our time by simplifying many complex tasks. So let’s know without any delay what is Java and what its use is.

What is Java?

Java is a programming language. Which is called a type of High-Level Language. Java is a type of coding. Which was designed by James Gosling with the help of Sun Microsystems on 23 May 1995. Since then it has been used more for designing continuous software or applications.

Java is an Object-oriented Programming Language and General Purpose Programming Language. Which are designed for the purpose of completing a particular task. Computers are a medium for doing Java programming. Its main feature is that you can easily run its coding on any platform or operating system (OS).

The structure of its code is a Numeric Code that looks like English letters. Due to this their code can be easily written, read, and remembered. Through this, any application can be designed in less time. To write a program in Java language, we have to follow some special policies. Which we call Syntax. If the design is not followed by these policies, then there is an increased risk of some kind of error.

This is also a main feature of Java. That if you run any such application or program in your laptop or computer. Which has been prepared from Java programming. So in such a situation, you have to install Java in your system to run these programs. Generally, this type of programming is used to run any software or program.

Use java

Java is used to develop an application. It is a high-level language. Which is also used to make Android App. It is also used extensively in designing enterprise software.

Along with this, Java is also used to prepare online and offline applications. This is one such program. Which can be used with other types of programming languages. Let us talk about online applications or talk. This program also plays an important role in solving large numbers online.

Such a powerful application can be created with the help of Java, JavaScript, and JSP (Java Server Pages). Which is attractive in appearance and fast in working. It has also been used in large quantities for Java programming of hardware devices. Java is also used to develop the server side. Like- as JBoss, GlassFish, Apache, etc.

history of java

Friends, you must have known by now. What is Java, and if we talk about its use, then the history of Java is very interesting. The purpose behind developing Java was to design interactive television. A group of people was formed to develop Java. Which was called the Green Team. The Green team began the development of Java to develop a language for digital devices (TV, set-top boxes).

So proper guidelines could be provided for these machine tools, but this language (Java) proved to be more useful for Internet programming. Java programming was developed by James Gosling in 1995. Due to this, he is also called the Father of Java. At present, Java programs are used to complete tasks like Internet Programming, Mobile devices, Games, E-business solutions, etc.

Java was formerly known as OAK. Oak is the name of the tree. Which is considered a symbol of power. This tree is also the national tree of many countries. After this, in the year 1995, its name was changed to Java instead of OAK.

Why was Java named Java?

A team was formed to select the name of this program. Whose task was to find such a name. which is compatible with this programming? The team members suggested some names. Which were as follows- Dynamic, Revolutionary, Silk, Jolt, DNA, Java, etc. After this everyone selected 2 names out of all these names – Silk and Java

Java is an island in Indonesia. Where coffee is cultivated in large quantities. After this, James Gosling put his last seal on this name while drinking coffee. Due to this, the name of this programming was named Java.

History of Java Version

Many changes were made in its version from the beginning to the present. By changing from time to time it was given a new look and feature. Talking about the history of the version of Java, so many versions have been changed in this way before.

Similarly, every year there are constant changes in it from time to time and there are constant changes in its functions and version. Java has been changing its version every year. So that it can be updated according to the changing technologies and can be made in line with the current equipment and functions.

Types of java

Due to the uses, functions, and features of Java, it is divided into 4 parts. Which we can understand through the following means. which are as follows-

1. Standalone Application

It is also known as a desktop application or window application due to its high use in desktops and windows. This is a type of software, in order to use it, we have to install it in every machine tool. Media Player and Antivirus are the main examples of this application. AWT and Swing are used to create this application in Java.

2. Web Application

It is a server-based application. Which works to create a dynamic page. So that the data contained in it can be used. Servlet, Spring, JSF, etc techniques are used to make this type of application in Java. Which plays an important role in its creation.

3. Enterprise Application

EJB is used to create this type of application in Java. Banking applications are examples of such applications. It is considered safer and more profitable than others. Due to this, it is also used in more areas and in more quantity.

4. Mobile Application

As its name suggests. Android and Java ME are used to create this type of application. We use this type of application on mobile devices. That’s why it is called a mobile application.

feature of java

The specialty of Java is its programming structure and its uses. Which makes its programming special from others. We can understand its characteristics through the following points-

1. Easy to Learn

Java is a simple programming language whose syntax can be easily understood and remembered. The structure of Java is similar to that of the C++ programming language. Because of this a person who knows C++ can learn it very easily.

2. Object-oriented

These are Object-Oriented Programming (OOPs) languages. This means that it organizes software together with many types of objects. Simply put, it is the rules of doing a function that serves to make its tasks easier.

3. Secure

It also provides security to the Programming Software Designer. Its coding is Virus Free. Along with this, it also works as tamper-free system software. Due to this, it is called a secure programming language.

4. Platform Independent

Java programming can be used on any platform. which means. That any program made from it can be easily used in Mac, OS, Windows, or Linux.

5. Portable

Java is a portable programming language which means that you can easily install its bytecode from any platform. This feature of this works to make Java Platform Independent.

6. Robust

Its programming code is more secure and intuitive than others. Due to this, there is no error of any kind while running any program made from their code. All this happens because compile-time and run-time use error checking mechanisms.

7. High Performance

Java is faster than other programming languages ‚Äč‚Äčand C is slower than C++. The reason for its ability to perform fast is the close proximity of Java Bytecode to native code.

8. Architecture-neutral

Java is a high-level programming language, which needs to be translated into machine language (0,1). This translation process is done with the help of a compiler. The code that is generated after translating with the help of the compiler is Byte Code. Due to this, it can be easily run on any OS or Processor.

Types of Java Editions

Editions of Java are those that are used to develop a program of Java. They are mainly divided into 3 parts which are as follows-

1. Java SE (Standard Edition)

It provides you with such tools and APIs. With the help of this, you can create programs like Server Application, Applets Program, and Desktop Application. You can run any program created from it on any platform. For example- Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.

2. Java EE (Enterprise Edition)

It is a platform that is used to create web and enterprise applications. It includes topics like Servlet, JSP, Web Services, etc.

3. Java ME (Micro Edition)

It is used for programming small devices. That’s why it is called Micro Edition (ME). Like- TV, Mobile applications, PDAs, Set-top Box applications, etc. These platforms are quite user-friendly and reliable. Along with this, you can run Java-based applications in it.

how to learn java programming

If you want to learn java coding. So you need to have interest and patience in it. It is very important for you to read and practice its basic fundamentals continuously. Friends, if you want to learn Java, then you can watch Video and Text Tutorials with the help of the Internet. Which you will get to see on Youtube and Google.

If you want to learn Java through Text Tutorial from Google, then this website can prove beneficial for you-


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