What is HTML? Introduction, Tag, and Attribute Free in 2024

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What is HTML How HTML is Used? What is HTML full form? It has been told about it, so let’s start.

What is HTML? Introduction, Tag, and Attribute

What is HTML

The full form of HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language (HYPER TEXT MARKUP LANGUAGE). It was done in 1991 by TIM BERNERS LEE. HTML is managed as a STANDARD by WORLD-WIDE WEB CONSORTIUM.

It doesn’t make any difference. But which operating system and editor software are you using? HTML is always used to create web pages. Through Hotmail, you can view the web page on any platform. Which special platform is not required for this? HTML is platform independent (INDEPENDENT).

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All the parts of HYPER TEXT MARKUP LANGUAGE are studied in detail.


HYPER DOES NOT WORK IN SEQUENCE. After this one statement, the next statement gets executed. Like in any programming language.

It is also not necessary that any other HTML file cannot be EXECUTE before anyone HTML file, any HTML file can be EXECUTE. Like HTML, all files are also INDEPENDENT of each other.


Text is also very important for a web page. The text is that information. Which is designed on the web page.


The LAYOUT and STYLE of the markup text have to be formatted. The format of the line you want to convert inside the body. You can see it on the web page by formatting it through the tag.

For Example- If you want to format any text. So you mark by tag

Then you will see that written text big and bold on the web page. LANGUAGE This is a HYPER TEXT PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE. Which is used for WEB DEVELOPMENT.

Version in HTML

About the VERSION of HTML is given below. You can understand them in detail.

1. HTML1.0

This was the first version of HTML. HTML was very limited in this version, in this version there was nothing other than creating SIMPLE pages through HTML.

2. HTML 2.0

This version had the right features of HTML 1.0, as well as HTML became the basic medium for website development in this version.

3. HTML 3.0

With the arrival of this version, it was as if a revolution had come. Due to the arrival of this version, Hutmal had become very popular. This version, this version was stopped due to a compatibility problem with the browser.

But later it was introduced with new advanced tags.

4. HTML 3.2

In this version, some other features were added along with the previous version. At the time of this version, Hutmal was declared the standard for website development by W3C.

With the arrival of this version, now Hutmal was no longer limited. Now it has been widely used.

5. HTML 4 .01

In this version, some new tags were added along with the feature of the previous version. Also, CSS (CASCADING STYLE SHEET) was also introduced in this version. At this time HTML had become a MODERN LANGUAGE all over the world.

6. HTML5.0

This is the latest version of HTML. With this, some new tags have been provided for MULTIMEDIA SUPPORT.


This version came after HTML4.01. It was also added to XML with HTML.

Introduction to HTML Tags

HTML file is a combination of tags and text HTML tags are also called HTML elements.

Initially, HTML tags were very limited, due to the limited design, very little was known, but as the need for HTML tags increased, new tags were added to it.

Now HTML is no longer a TEXT MARKUP LANGUAGE, now you can insert many types of element tags like image, list, table, audio, video graphics, etc. through HTML.

Whatever you want to ADD on the web page, then it will be ADD by the tag itself, for this HTML provides you with many tags, and all of these tags are familiar to the interpreter.

An interpreter is a program that is found in all web browsers. Interpreter IDENTIFY HTML tags and interpret their meaning and show them on the web page.

What does INTERPRETER do??

BASICALLY tells this to your interpreter with tags. What do you want to display on the web page?

For EXAMPLE, if you want to INSERT IMAGE on the web page. So you are used to tags.

Mostly you can understand by the name of those tags. What is this used for? As you can understand from. That this tag is used for the table.


The HTML tag is in the 3rd part OPENING TAGS are put at the beginning. This lets the interpreter know. Which text do you want to format? That means OPENING TAGS is followed by TEXT. After which you have to format the closing tag comes. If the CLOSING TAG is not used in OPENING tags, then its effect will be in the whole text.

Therefore, as far as you have to format, after that, you use CLOSING TAG, which will format as far as you want to do.

The interpreter gets to know only from the closing tags. That the use of this tag was only till this. A forward slash (/) is used in the closing tag to differentiate it from the opening tag.



Not all HTML tags are closed by the closing tag. There are also such tags in HTML in which only the opening tag is defined. Such tags are called empty tags.


Also, there are tags in HTML in which both the opening and closing parts are defined in the same way. In this, the forward slash (/) is put first. their syntax


There are many types of tags available in HTML. Some tags are used to format the text. So some tags are used to insert multimedia elements like images, audio, video, etc.

Some tags of HTML are used to create structures such as tables, sections,s, lists, etc. So some tags also act as containers. In which there are sub-tags inside the tags.

All types of tags of HTML are divided into some categories.


Basic tags are those tags. Which is the most important tag to create a web page. which is compulsorily used. This is to define the core structure of HTML.

The list of basic tags of HTML is given below.

<HTML>This tag is used to define an HTML file, this tag is used first.
<head> In this tag, the script and style related to the website are defined, this tag is used after the HTML.
<title>This tag defines the title of the website, such as what you want to show in the name of your website header, it can be shown by this title.
<body>In this tag the main content of the website is defined i.e. whatever text you write in this tag appears on the web page.

formatting tags

These are those tags. Which are used to format the text. These tags are applied to the text and control the presentation of the text.

<i>The text is italicized by this tag.
<b>Text is made bold by this tag.
<u>This tag is used to underline the text.
<ins>This tag defines such text that is added after the content.
<mark>This tag is used for the text that you want to highlight by this tag.
<sup>This tag is used to define the text as a superscript.
<sub>This tag is used to define a text as a subscript.
<small>This tag is defined as small text.
<del>This tag is used to show the text on the deleted word.
<strong>This tag is used to show strong (bold) text.

Form And Input Tags

Form and input are used to create forms on the web page and get input from users.

<form>This tag is the container tag to create the element.
<input>Different forms are created by this tag.
<textarea>textarea is created by this tag.
<button>Buttons are created by this tag.
<select>This is done to create a dropdown list.
<optgroup>With the help of this tag, a group of options related to the dropdown menu is created.
<option>With the help of this tag, you can define the option of the dropdown list.
<label>This tag is used to define a text label.
<fieldset>An element related to a form is created by this tag.


The frame tag is used to divide a web page as a frame, its list is being given below.

<frame>This tag is used for the frame element so that it can act as a frame for the container
<frameset>The frame is defined by this tag.
<noframes>This tag defines the content for browsers that do not support forms.
<iframe>inline frame is defined by this tag


An image tag is used to include the image on the web page. How is it used on a web page? Its list is given below.

<img>With this tag, the image is included on the web page.
<map>is used to include the image map with the help of this tag.
<area>This tag is used to show a particular location on the map.


The link tag is used to create the link on the web page. Link is a tag with the help of which we can take you from one page to another. This tag is used to travel from one page to another.

<a>Through this tag we are used to defining the link in the web page.
<link>This tag is used to link the HTML file to the CSS file.


The list tag is used to create the list in the web page. The subtag is also used to create the list.

<ui>The full name of <ui> is unordered list, it creates container.
<oi>The full name of is <oi> ordered list, it also creates container.
<li>The full name of is <li> list items. This creates the container.
<di> <di> has full name definition list, it creates container.
<dt> The full name of <dt> defines the tern of the definition list.
<dd> The full name of <dd> is used to define the definition of the definition list.


The table tag is used to create a table on a web page. The list is given below to create the table.

<table>This is done to create the table.
<th>This tag is used to define the heading of the table.
<tr>is used to define the row in the table by this tag.
<thead>This tag creates a group of header content of the table
<tbody> With the help of this tag, the body content of the table is used to create a group.
<caption> By this tag, on which topic the table has been created on the web page, if you say, then we define the title of the table.


Through the style tag, we are used to applying different types of styles, their list is given below.

<style>This tag defines the CSS style for the HTML document inside the tag.


The section tag works like a container. The list of all these is given below.

<div>This tag creates a block section
<span>This tag creates an inline section
<section>This tag divides the document into several sections.


The scripting tag is used to apply scripts to the web page. The list of all these is given below.

<script>Inside this tag you are used to define the script to be used with HTML.
<noscript>A browser is defined inside this tag which disables the script.

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