What is PHP? Advantages & Disadvantages in 2024

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What is PHP? It is written in very easy language. Read it completely, and you will understand it easily. So let’s start:-

What is PHP? Advantages & Disadvantages

What is PHP?

The full name of PHP is Hypertext Preprocessor. But it is also called Personal Home Page. PHP is an open-source and server-side scripting language. It can be used with HTML.

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It was developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in the year 1994 and was launched in the year 1995. This language is used to create websites and applications. Along with this, it is also used to create dynamic pages.

This language is used in web development so that we create dynamic web pages and through this, databases, and e-commerce websites are created.

PHP files have .PHP, .PHP3, or.PHTML extensions. We can download and use PHP for free. It is a simple language and it is quite easy to learn this language.

PHP is a very fast language as compared to other scripting languages. This language is also known as object-oriented. This language can be added to HTML. This language can be run on many platforms like- Windows, Linux, Unix, etc. PHP is compatible with almost all servers. That is, it can be used with all types of servers.

Features of PHP

The speed of PHP is faster than other languages.

This language uses its own memory, due to which there is no load of any kind on the server.

The performance of this language is better.

The syntax of this language is quite simple, due to which it is easy to learn and understand.

The code of this language is embedded in the HTML tag.

This language supports (WINDOWS, MAC, LINUX, and UNIX operating systems).

This language supports almost all types of web servers. Like Apache, Netscape, and Microsoft IIS.

PHP is a secure language to design the website in which layer is used to prevent virus attacks.

Before learning this language, the user should have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

While designing the website, PHP maintains the source code of the website, with the help of which it becomes easy to design the website.

This language has a large community of developers who regularly update documents, tutorials, online help, and FAQs.

PHP language is mostly used to develop web pages. Apart from this, this language is used to design dynamic websites.

This language supports almost all major databases like MySQL, SQLite, ODBC, etc.

It is an open-source language.

In this language, the user can change the code according to his needs.

Use of PHP

PHP is used to develop web pages and web applications. Developers also use this language to design the website.

This language is used to manage the data of the website. This language provides the user with templates, libraries, and a session management system, due to which the user can change and manage the data according to his needs.

This language is used to design enterprise applications that are used by e-commerce companies.

Using this language, an online community can be created, which works to connect developers from all over the world, with the help of which developers can help each other.

This language is used to create PDF files. PHP creates PDF files using the PDFlib tool.

This language helps in creating dynamic pdf files.

This language is used to convert images and graphics into PDF files.

It is used to create images like gifs, jpeg, and png whose size the user can change as per his wish.

This language is used to design templates that can be easily managed.

This language helps in designing WordPress plugins.

This language is used by web developers for freelancing.

This language is used to create emails.

Advantages of PHP

1- PHP is an open-source language that can be downloaded for free.

2- It is very easy to execute this language.

3- This language is updated regularly, due to which users get to see new features.

4- This language can be easily run in any operating system like Linux, Windows, Unix, etc.

5- It is very easy to use this language. If the user has basic knowledge of C and JAVA language then he can use PHP easily.

6- This language helps to manage the code.

7- This language secures the web application, due to hackers cannot attack the application.

8- The code in this language can be reused.

9- This language is easily loaded and connected with the database. PHP is easily loaded on the language (slow internet speed) as compared to other programming languages.

Disadvantages of PHP

1- It is difficult to develop large-size applications in this language.

2- This language is not highly modular due to which it is difficult to manage the application.

3- The performance of online applications created by this language may deteriorate.

4- It is difficult to modify the online application created by PHP.

5- This language does not have a debugging tool, due to which it becomes very difficult to identify mistakes.

6- It is difficult to maintain this language.

7- This language requires the built-in function to write extra code.

8- It is an open-source language, due to which it is not secure.

What is PHP DataType?

PHP data types are used to store different types of data in variables.

This language can store eight types of data in variables. Which are divided into three types of categories.

1- Scalar Types (predefined)

It is divided into four categories:-


This is the simplest type of data type. Boolean represents only the truth value like True or False.


Integer only whole numbers are present which have negative and positive numbers.


These are special type variables whose value is NULL.


The string is (non-numeric) data which means that it contains letters, alphabets, numbers, and special characters.

2- Compound Types (user-defined)

It is divided into two categories:-


It is a type of compound data that stores similar data in a single variable.


It can store both values ​​and functions in variables.

3- Special Types

It has also been divided into two categories:-


It’s not purely a PHP data type. Its main function is to store the external resource in a variable.


It is a special data type whose value is NULL.

How does PHP work?

PHP code is written with HTML. To execute it is necessary to install the server.

This language works like software whose source code is executed on the web server.

After this, the task set by the web developers is performed.

After this PHP sends the output given by the user to the browser in a few milliseconds.

Whenever the user sends a request to the server for a PHP document through his web browser, the server searches for that document and then sends the documents to the PHP processor.

Two types of tasks are performed in the PHP processor. copy mode and interpret mode.

In copy mode, the HTML is copied to the output, and in interpret mode the code of PHP is executed and the output obtained by the code is added to the final output.

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