What is PHP and MySQL with Free Video Tutorials in 2024

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What is PHP and MySQL: Hello, friends welcome to all of you. In today’s post, I am going to give you information about PHP.

And with this, I will also tell you about MySQL. And in the end, I will provide you with the best course of these two. Follow you with the same video tutorial. Now you know what is PHP.

What is PHP and MySQL with Video Tutorials

What is PHP and MySQL

The full form of PHP is Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a high-level programming language. Which maintains connections with web pages and databases. And whatever data is there. makes it dynamic.

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PHP is a scripting language. Which is used for website development. This language was developed in 1994 by a Danish-Canadian programmer. It is used for a Hypertech Free processor.

PHP is a coding script. Which is used to build web servers and web pages. PHP is used to store data in different quantities. and is generated. HTML image data is provided as HTTP part by whole.

Why we should learn the PHP language?

PHP is a programming language. It is also called high-level language, using this we can create web pages. If we will work on the website, then if we have the knowledge of it, then we can be successful in managing our website. What is PHP and MySQL

PHP is a scripting language that is used along with STML, it is used to make any data in the website or whatever content is in the webpage, it works to make it dynamic.

Features of PHP

It has some important features which are as follows

  • With the help of this, we can provide security to the website
  • This language is easily understood
  • PHP is a dynamic language
  • What is PHP and MySQL
  • It can be understood in a family way

How is PHP used?

PHP is used in and pages. and is used to create other programs. Now let us know how its language is used.

  • Works as a function of the PHP system.
  • Closes and opens all the files in the database.
  • PHP controls the web coding.
  • What is PHP and MySQL
  • Collaborates with all the files that are there and saves them in the directory.
  • Website visitors when they come to the website. So it helps them to reach the web page.

What is a Database?

What is a Database Application? It works to store data. The database provides the connection to store the data and access the data. The data can be viewed through the database.

And it can be exported. In this, we can store files, audio videos, photos, etc. A database is used to store a large amount of data. What is PHP and MySQL

Only one company organization has these people to manage it. But the content stored in it can be seen by everyone if the administrator gives access to it.

What is MySQL Database?

MySQL is one of the fastest working databases. Everyone can use it. Who builds a website or runs his own organization? Or be an individual online worker. is explained below as follows.

  • Operated by an open-source license.
  • It does not cost money to use it.
  • It is a very powerful programming language.
  • With the help of this data is stored.
  • What is PHP and MySQL
  • It is used by website developers.
  • Works through MySQL operating system

Friends, I gave you information about PHP and MySQL databases. Now I will provide you with some courses related to this.

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Through those courses, you can learn about them by joining different courses in Beginning Advance and Export.

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Course-Source: Udemy.com

Friends, above I have mentioned to you some updated PHP and SQL courses in 2020 and 2021. From there you can learn about PHP well and also learn about SQL.

Let’s go basic, now the course I am going to provide you. This is the most popular course. Which will give complete information about PHP and MySQL.

And it takes over 10 hours to complete. So you will get complete information in this.


Friends, I also provided you with the above course and also gave information about PHP and in the end, I am also providing you with a high-quality free popular course.

All the posts you are viewing in this post. You will get all the information after learning them.

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