Legal System Law for LL.B Examinations Free Course in 2024

Legal System Law: An hour-long quick track outline of the English Legal System, focusing on all custom-based regulation LL.B assessments!

Learn Legal System Law for LL.B Examinations with Video Course

Legal System Law for LL.B Examinations

Whether you are another understudy or somebody who is going to sit for your English Legal System or Common Law assessments, “The Law Simplified” seminar on the English Legal System will give you the most optimized plan of attack summary of the subject.

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Numerous understudies who concentrate on the Law, find it challenging to interface each of the pieces together. Accordingly, this course will give you a “10,000-foot” outline of the whole subject.

Also, you will approach 20+ pages of case synopses, explicitly intended to assist you with seeing every one of the lawful standards.

This course has been adjusted to suit the necessities of LLB understudies around the world!

Keep in mind, this is definitely not a substitute for exhaustive learning, however, it will be an extraordinary asset for understudies who need to recap the whole prospectus and for individuals who need a superior, clear, and more succinct comprehension of the standards.


  • Absorbable lumps of information: all that you really want to know on every point, improved
  • Downloadable “insect diagrams” that will provide you with the master plan of the subject
  • 20+ pages of case regulation, created in a streamlined and direct way.

What you’ll realize

  • You will become familiar with the significant standards of the English Legal System
  • Explanation of “learning holes” you might have
  • Figure out how to make your own “bug chart” for your assessment

Are there any course necessities or essentials?

  • A fundamental comprehension of the English Legal System
  • Being a first-year Law understudy is a benefit
  • A submitted and persuaded mentality to quick-track study!

Who this course is for:

  • Understudies perusing for a customary regulation LL.B program
  • Understudies sitting for Law assessments
  • Anyone with any interest in learning the Law

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