What is Web Designing? Web Designing Free in 2024

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What is Web Designing: Today in this article we will tell you what is web designing. How to learn Web Design?

What is Web Designing? Concept About Web Designing

What is Web Designing

We make any website. Update or plan. So we call it web designing. For example, the job of a builder is to construct a building. In the same way, the work of web designing is to make the website. Web Designing has two parts. The first part is of Fort End Web Designing and the second is of Back End Web Development.

The job of a web developer is done. Whatever website is connected to the internet, such as a database, web-based software, or Domain Hosting Management, etc. to create a website, there are many such tasks. Which comes under development.

To become both a web developer and a web designer, you have to work in the computer field. Therefore your computer knowledge should be very good. After this, on the 12th, you can also do computer science after completing it with chemistry, and mathematics. In which you have to choose advanced development in the last year.

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You can become a Web Developer or Designer even without a Bachelor of Engineering (BE).

You can become a Web Developer and Web Designer even without Engineering (BE). For that, you have to do graduation in a subject like BCA, BSC computer science, or BE computer science. After that, you can do MCA or MBA in IT.

Apart from this, there are many other diplomas. Which you can do after the 12th or graduation. But if you want to become a Professional Web Developer or Web Designer. So instead of Diploma, you have to do the courses given above.

What to Learn for Front-End Designing?

Like we make a map from architecture first to build a house. In the same way, before designing the website, we should have an idea of ​​what the website will look like. Many people design the entire website very carefully in Photoshop. But those who are already experts, do it only to make a blueprint or phototype in Photoshop.

What is HTML?

HTML stands for Hypertext markup language. HTML is a markup language. Which is used to build the website. HTML is a language. Which is written as a COD. It is very easy to learn HTML, once you have learned HTML, you can create a simple Static website.

What is CSS?

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. HTML is used to give structure to our website, and on the other hand, CSS is used to design the structure made from our HTML. It comes in handy to give style to our design.

What is JavaScript?

Here we start programming completely. HTML\CSS makes our website. But JS is used to make design interactive. By interactive I mean, like if you click on the friend request icon above on Facebook, then a dropdown opens at the bottom.

JavaScript detects this. What action the user has taken on your website and according to that action he changes the design? When an image is sliding on a website, it is done with the help of JavaScript.

HTML and CSS together can make a very good static website. If you have learned only Photoshop HTML and CSS, then you can work in any IT company and you can create a good website.

What should I learn for Fort End Design?

You can create a static website with HTML/CSS/JS. We cannot create a feature like Database Entry Login Register on the Static website.

By the way, you can run many languages ​​on the backend with PHP. But initially, it is very easy to learn PHP and is Powerful and this feature can be performed. Facebook was built on PHP itself.

Learning PHP is also beneficial for this. Because we can make a website with less money. With this, we can also learn to design a website on WordPress, most websites and blogs in the world are built on WordPress.

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What is Database?

When we create our ID on Facebook or watch videos on YouTube. So where is all this data stored? We call it a database. The most used data is MySQL. After learning, you can also store the data of people on your website.

Languages ​​like PHP are being used to store anything in a database like MYSQL.

Where to start learning web development?

Many people ask this question, today I will tell you step-wise. Start learning HTML and start with Photoshop Basic.

  • You do not need to go much advance in Photoshop.
  • After this, you have to start teaching HTML.
  • When you start working in HTML, you should start learning CSS.
  • You create something every day using HTML/CSS.
  • After learning HTML and CSS thoroughly, you should start learning JavaScript.

Learn the Basics of JavaScript

After knowing the basics of JavaScript, you have to start learning PHP and after that look at making a project. After that, you have to create and see the website on WordPress. After this, try making any project using PHP and a Database simultaneously.

After learning all this, you will become a good website designer. After learning all this, you can earn money in dollars by working as a freelancer on the internet or you can apply for a job in any company.

Web Designer is one such job. Which will be in high demand in the coming time. A lot of hard work will be done to go to the expert level. But for those who are afraid of hard work, only poverty is written, and they blame their luck and do not want to work hard themselves. In today’s time, it is very difficult to achieve anything without hard work.

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