What is Marketing? Complete Information Step-By-Step in 2021

What is Marketing? Complete Information Step-By-Step in 2021

What is Marketing: you are all welcome. In this post of yours, I am going to give you information about marketing. Within marketing, we have all the topics related to digital marketing.

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What is marketing?

Marketing is one such activity. Which is done for promotion. And that means marketing.

The process of selling and buying something. It is called marketing. Here I am going to give you information related to business marketing. So stay tuned and move on.

This is what marketing means. How many companies are there? What she focuses on the most. That is buying or selling, the first step in any business is to dedicate its product to the consumer and to the consumer.

Because we have to tell the consumer about that product. So that he has information about the product made by us. In order to determine our commodity in the market, we have to proceed with this activity.

Which is called marketing. Marketing is one such mix. Which provides complete information about the item to the customers. Through this, we can convey the characteristics of our object to the people.

By this, we can encourage ourselves to use our objects. The marketing world is used to attract people towards the item.

This affects people’s desire towards the object, curiosity, etc., and makes them satisfied. what the object is suitable for.

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What is Social Media Marketing

What is E-Mail Marketing

Marketing Definition

What is Marketing Definition

The definition of marketing started a long time ago. But now let’s explain marketing. So this marketing is explained through the American Marketing Association.

It sees those activities. In which customer group is the process of communication and exchange of ideas. The definition of marketing is already the best. The Marketing Association changes its definition every 3 years.

In the definition of the 2008 year, it was considered to be the best in a big and big way. Marketing is one such activity that originated from society itself. which is done in the market.

When the American Marketing Association revised its definition in 1935 and compared it to the definition made in 2008 when it saw a lot of differences and differences. Consumers’ desire, aspiration, perception, and production in the definition.

It was most widely used in business activity. Marketing was defined as the desire and satisfaction through the process of exchange in the 1980s.

In a similar manner in 1918 the score was defined on the basis of the customer and his satisfaction. The pricing process was adopted keeping an eye on the customer’s activity through the same.

Moving forward, the definition of marketing was changed, gradually it was defined as thematic and any information about it was passed on to the new generation.

Made it a process through which market science was created. Marketing was used in the industry, gradually it was included in the form of advertising, in the form of sales. And it was added to various processes and functions.

For example, it was added to all the management of production goods, packaging, designing, copyright, etc. At present, it is taught in Sociology, Economics, Anthropology, etc. And gradually by doing this, we are taking it further.

Marketing Concept

Marketing Concept

After marketing definition, if we talk about its concept. So everyone in the world is using this to take their business forward.

It impacts consumer needs. Desire etc. can be understood. And guesses can be made. That’s what the consumer needs. If we analyze it effectively. So we can take our business forward.

It is conceptualized from the book The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith. After 200 years from now, no one will probably use it. Because this concept is seen centralized in the need and wants of the customer.

And it has been changed according to their understanding. Like needs, desires, aspirations, etc. what the consumer needs. what he wants. And what does it demand? Keeping this thing in the middle, the market science is fixed. People find their health and necessity for life.

And they need everything. In which all the things that satisfy them need food, clothes, house. At the same time, in his psychological state, he wants to live with family, society, group, and self-respect.

Understanding this, the concept of marketing does its job. With this, what are their wants and desires? What does he want? And what is he doing to wake up his existence? Research is done to improve productivity along with production and sales.

It identifies the needs of the consumer. And the market is understood to have centralized states. As the desire of the people increases. And accordingly, the definition of marketing also changes. And its concept also changes.

This is the most important thing. That’s when the customer changes. So there is a change in the market science too. Marketing works to promote the product on a large scale.

What is B2B and B2C Marketing

After understanding the definition and concept of marketing, now we need to understand it. What is Business to Business and Business Customer Marketing? Marketing has two major differences. It is divided into 2 ways. understand about it.

B2B Marketing

Such is the marketing process. In which strategy and product are targeted. This strategy is prepared for any business organization.

In such marketing, along with production, service is sold to the consumers. In conclusion, business to business uses marketing strategies. and carry out their marketing process.

What is sold in business to business marketing

What is sold in business-to-business marketing? Their complete list has been prepared below. take a good look at below,

  • Major Appliances
  • Accessories
  • raw material
  • component parts
  • processed material
  • supply
  • business Services

The mall goods that are bought in business to business. Four procedures have been prescribed for that, so let’s understand them once.

Producer Reseller Government and Institution come under this process.


Engages in the marketing of goods to create a new product. It buys Mann Samman for making plastic toys.


The meaning of this must have been understood from the name itself that to re-sell the item which the manufacturer has made. Selling it by taking it to small shops at the dog price of purchase.


Government buys business-to-business production using its policy. Like taking service from big contractors to execute big plans.


There are many such institutions that are doing their work regularly. They also have to buy business-to-business products. They buy different materials to be used in their work. Which comes in the business-to-business category.

B2C Marketing

The full form of b2c marketing is Business to Customer Marketing. Those policies are carried forward within this marketing. In which the company produces a product. And encourages them to take that product and service to the people. We call it Business to Customer Marketing. This marketing is already going on. Business and customers have been added to this. Wherever the business is done from anywhere, the customer is able to understand that business. and the product that has been produced. Can buy it.

C2B Marketing

c2b marketing is called customer-to-business marketing. In this marketing, the end consumer produces some such product and service. Which are used by big companies and organizations. Within this marketing, a big company provides goods and services. It’s Business to Customer Reverse Marketing

C2C Marketing

The full form of c2c marketing is customer-to-customer marketing. It is an environment where transactions are facilitated. In this, customers can buy products with each other through the third person. This is an operation within the current marketing process.

Difference between B2B and B2C Marketing?

Difference between B2B and B2C

Friends, I have given you a lot of information above about b2b and b2c. Now let me inform you about the difference between these two.

So that you can understand well what is the difference between these two and how both of them work.

We can differentiate between these two in this way. Whose list is given below? On the basis of these, we will come to a different holiday.

  • Negotiation
  • Buying nature
  • Buying influence
  • Distribution
  • Number of customers
  • Purchasing
  • Volume demand
  • Promotional Method


What is the demand for production? Business to business produces on its basis. Because based on customer’s wants and needs b2b produce and buy b2c demand is so made. That is when customers express their wishes and needs in the market. Then there is the business to customer demand.

Buying Capacity and Quantity

Now the ability to buy here depends on how much. Based on that production is done. And there is demand. How much can you buy?

Number of Customers

How many customers are there in production and market? Products are made on a basis. This is revealed after analyzing the market, the production in distribution b2b goes directly to the wholesaler. Inside b2c goes through a wholesaler to the wholesaler.

Nature of Purchase

While buying in b2b large amount of value respect purchase is done. which is called the formal process. The buying nature in b2c is said to be informal.

Effect when Buying

Everything is under control inside b2b. All this is not possible due to accountant receipt etc b2c buying and selling at a marketing level.


Low prices and high profit in b2b marketing. Prices are fixed in b2c. Which are high level.

Mode of Advertisement

b2b marketing is personal selling. Advertising social media etc. is used through b2c marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Marketing Important for Small Businesses?

Marketing is important for every business these days. But for most small businesses it is more important. Everyone knows about big business.

Marketing is done so that the business we are doing. And the products we are making. Marketing is most important for small businesses so that people know about it.

Because not everyone knows about small business because it is not involved in many activities.

When does a small business need marketing?

Marketing is not such a process. Whatever is done once, it has to be done regularly. And it does not happen that marketing should be stopped after spending once.

So marketing should continue on regular basis. More updates should be given because something new is coming all the time. And new updates are coming.

Marketing is needed to get some updates to the people. It is most useful for small businesses. Because of what small businesses are doing, they should do marketing in a basic way. Because it is very important to take the product to the consumer.

What are the benefits of marketing in business?

Marketing can bring many benefits to the business. Whether the business is big or small, marketing is one such way. By which the business can be improved.

If the business is in the beginning process. So you can take it in the advanced process. If the business is at a high level, then you can make it at a higher level. So let’s know what is the impact of marketing on business.

  • Products sell out quickly.
  • People know about the product.
  • A business brand is improved.
  • Get information about a business.
  • People show interest in buying the product.
  • Sales are high.
  • There is a demand for the product.
  • The good will of business is improved.
  • The financial position of the business becomes high.


I have provided you a lot of information about marketing. In this, you will get more updates in this, gradually we will make this post better. You can bookmark this post.

So that you keep getting marketing concepts. We give all the information in one post. That’s why you like the post. And from which you get the information. The information you want to get. So you can bookmark that post.

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