Stock Analysis for Beginners Free Course in 2024

Stock Analysis for Beginners Learns How to Analyze a Stock and Invest Wisely. A Finance Professional With Over A Decade Of Experience Taught

Stock Analysis for Beginners Free Course

Stock Analysis for Beginners

This course delves into the valuation procedures widely employed by Wall Street firms.

The topics addressed provide hands-on experience with the standards and methodologies used by experienced analysts on the job.

In this free market analysis introduction course, you will learn how to conduct stock analysis with real-time applications.

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Featured Business

In 2020, the stock price of Domino’s Pizza, Inc. (DPZ) has climbed by 12%. Is there further room for growth in the stock?

This previously recorded live case lecture discusses the important fundamental events that drove the stock price up.

We also go over valuation analysis, which is used to determine whether the stock price is currently undervalued or fairly valued by the market.

Finally, we assess if the stock is a buy or sell, as well as the potential upside and downside for the rest of the year.

We will discuss the following topics:

  • How to locate press releases and news that may have an impact on a company’s stock price
  • How to Perform Valuation Analysis
  • What is financial modeling?
  • How to Set Price Targets for Stock Buying and Selling
  • Stock analysis and breakdown for Domino’s Pizza (DPZ).
  • Forecasting Market Trends
  • Reading and analyzing a company’s earnings report
  • How to Assess Price Targets and Values
  • Analysis of technical charts
  • Due Diligence in Business
  • Stock Analysis for Beginners
  • Modeling Financial Statements
  • Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)
  • WACC
  • Analysis of Comparable Companies
  • A viable investment strategy

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Who should take this course:

Beginner finance students interested in learning about the analysis side of the industry. This is an excellent introduction course for gaining a solid foundation of what finance professionals learn and do on a daily basis.

Stock Analysis for Beginners

Finance students seeking to break into the financial industry

People who want to trade stocks in a realistic and reasonable manner

What you’ll discover

  • How to Perform a Stock Analysis
  • Understanding the due-diligence procedure in order to evaluate a company’s situation
  • Learn how to apply technological talents to businesses.
  • Stock Analysis for Beginners
  • Application of financial modeling and valuation
  • How to come up with your own stock recommendation and price goal
  • How to Construct an Investment Case
  • Accounting, industrial knowledge, Excel, and financial modeling are examples of talents that can be combined.

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