Financial Ratios Practical guide Free Course in 2024

Financial Ratios Practical guide: This course is for accounting and finance students. This course covers numerous varieties of monetary ratios.

Financial Ratios Practical guide For finance students

Financial Ratios Practical guide

In the course, we are going to cowl,

1. Exercise Ratio

2. Profitability ratios

3. Dividend ratios

4. Valuations

5. Solvency ratios

6. Protection ratios

7. Return ratios

8. Margin ratios

9. Liquidity ratios 

  • We’ll then focus on time sequence and cross-sectional ratio evaluation
  • We’ll then take examples of Google. Tesla and Alibaba to grasp ratio evaluation
  • We will even do a cross-sectional evaluation of weed shares
  • Task: Use the connected excel sheet to do a ratio evaluation of an organization of your selection
  • Financial Ratios Practical guide

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What you’ll learn

  • In this course we might be discussing the following ratios :
  • 1. Return Ratios – ROE and ROA
  • 2. Valuations – P/E , P/BV, P/CF
  • 3. Margins – Gross revenue and web revenue ratio
  • 4. Liquidity – Present and Fast ratio
  • 5. Dividends – Dividends payout and a dividend yield
  • Time sequence ratio evaluation of Google, Tesla, and Alibaba
  • Cross-sectional ratio evaluation of the Hashish Sector

Are there any course requirements or stipulations?

  • Primary understanding of economic statements
  • Financial Ratios Practical guide

Who this course is for:

  • Accounting and Finance students
  • business students
  • Financial Ratios Practical guide

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