Complete Android 14 & Kotlin Development Free Masterclass in 2024

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Kotlin Development If this course has been released after my last update, I recommend checking reviews…

And ratings to ensure its quality and relevance to your learning goals. Here’s a general roadmap you can follow for Android development with Kotlin:

Kotlin Development Masterclass:

  • Basic knowledge of programming concepts.
  • Familiarity with Kotlin (if you don’t know Kotlin, it’s recommended to learn it as it has become the official language for Android development).

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Setup Development Environment:

  • Install Android Studio, the official IDE for Android development.
  • Set up the Android Virtual Device (AVD) for testing your applications.

Learn Kotlin Basics:

  • Variables, data types, and basic syntax.
  • Complete Android 14 & Kotlin Development
  • Control flow (if statements, loops).
  • Functions and classes.

Introduction to Android Development:

  • Understand the Android project structure.
  • Learn about Activities and Layouts.
  • Complete Android 14 & Kotlin Development
  • UI components: Buttons, TextViews, EditText, etc.

Advanced UI Components:

  • RecyclerView for displaying lists.
  • Fragments for modular UI.
  • Custom Views and ViewGroups.

Data Persistence:

  • SQLite database for local storage.
  • SharedPreferences for simple key-value pairs.
  • Complete Android 14 & Kotlin Development
  • Room Persistence Library for more robust data storage.


  • Make HTTP requests using Retrofit or other networking libraries.
  • Handle JSON data using Gson or other parsing libraries.

MVVM Architecture:

  • Understand the Model-View-ViewModel architectural pattern.
  • Implementing ViewModels and LiveData.

Dependency Injection:

Learn about dependency injection with Dagger or Koin.


  • Unit testing with JUnit and Mockito.
  • UI testing with Espresso.

Publishing Your App:

  • Generate a signed APK.
  • Publish your app on the Google Play Store.

Advanced Topics (Optional):

  • Kotlin Coroutines for asynchronous programming.
  • Work with sensors (location, accelerometer, etc.).
  • Firebase for backend services.
  • Integrating third-party libraries.

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Remember that Android development is a vast field, and continuous learning is essential as new updates and technologies are introduced. If “Android 14” is the latest version of Android at the time you’re reading this, make sure to check the official Android documentation for any new features or changes.

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