How to rank a website or blog Free in Google in 2024

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How to rank a website: Friends, welcome to all of you in this article. Today I am going to tell you how you can rank your website…

or blog post on top in Google. If you put it on your website or blog, then your site can also rank on Google. So now let us tell about it in turn.

How to rank a website or blog on top in Google

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How to rank a website

  • A top-level domain
  • a good template
  • Length of your article
  • Google search console
  • make a backlink
  • Share on social media

Now we will tell you about all these points in detail.

1. A top-level domain

Friends, if you want to get your website ranked, then you must have a top-level domain, this will help in ranking your site. Top-level domains .com, .in, .net, .org etc.

While buying a domain, take special care that your domain is user-friendly. For example, if your site is related to cooking, then try to use some words related to cooking in your domain. Like:-, Indian etc.

2. A good template

Friends, if you get your website ranked, then the theme or template of your site should be good, otherwise, your site will not be able to rank for a long time.

A good theme means that you give a clean look to the theme of your site. Your site will not be able to rank.

3. Length of your article

The length of your article is also one of the main reasons for the ranking. The length of a good article should be more than 1500 words or words. You have to try that the length of your post or article should be 2000 words.

google search console

If you put all the above points in your article well, but if you do not put this point in your article, then your site will never be able to rank. For this, you have to submit your site to the Google search console.

4. Make a backlink

This point is not necessary, but if you want to identify your site, then definitely follow this point.

If you want to know about backlinks then click on the given link.

5. Share on social media

If you want to bring some traffic to your site in the beginning, then definitely share the URL link of your site on social media. Some people believe that the site freezes after sharing on social media. But there is no such thing.

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