How do keyword research for a blog in 2024

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How do keyword research: Friends, in today’s blog I am going to tell you how you can do keyword research for your website or blog.

How do keyword research for a blog?

How do keyword research

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Friends, before writing any article, it is important to do keyword research on that article.

What is a keyword?

Friends, if you do blogging then you should know about keywords. The keyword is the keyword on whichever topic you are working on or going to do.

Friends, here are some such points, on which if you work, then the difference will be clearly visible.

keyword types

  • Competition in keywords
  • Keyword conversions
  • Use keyword research tools

Now we will tell you about all these points in detail.

There are two types of keywords.

  • Long tail keyword
  • Short tail keyword

1. Long Tail Keyword

The long tail keyword, as the name suggests, it means a keyword that is long. In this, people go to Google and search for some long queries. Like how to make noodles at home. etc.

2. Short Tail Keywords

A short tail keyword means a keyword that is short. In this, people go to Google and search for short words, such as noodles recipe, etc.

Competition in keywords

Friends, now let me tell you how much competition is there in which keyword.


Competition is low in long tail keywords but competition is high in short tail keywords.


Earning is less in long tail keywords but earning more in short tail keywords.


Volume is less in long tail keywords but volume is more in short tail keywords.


People have more focus on long tail keywords but people have less focus on short tail keywords.

3. Keyword conversions

If you have an affiliate website, then you should work on long-tail keywords. Because it has more conversions as well as if AdSense ads are running on your website, then more clicks will come on it as compared to short tail keywords.

Short tail keywords have fewer conversions and fewer clicks on ads.

4. Use keyword research tools

Friends, use any keyword research tool to follow the above points properly. It is not necessary but it will make your work easier.

You can use keyword research tools like GOOGLE TRENDS etc.

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