Basic SEO Complete Free Information in 2024

Basic SEO: Today we are going to learn. Here I am going to tell you the basic concept of search engine optimization.

How to Learn Basic SEO Complete Information

Basic SEO Complete Information

With this, if you have also created on your website. Made in WordPress. Then you will be much easier. Learning it and working in it.

How to Rank a New Website: Hello, friends welcome to all of you. In today’s post, I have brought it for you today. How can we bring our website to the first page of Google? Here I will tell you. Basic SEO

That if you have created a new website. So how will you manage that? And your website can come on the first page of Google. Basic SEO

So what will you have to do about this? Today I am going to give you complete information about it in this post. And you should read this post step by step so that you get complete information. So let’s start the post.

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Boost New Website in Google First Page

Friends, when we do not make a website. So after that, a lot of work has to be done. So what will you do about that? I will not give you complete information about that. Basic SEO

That’s what I’ll tell you. What can you do with your website to bring your website to the first page? And here you have to do all these things on the WordPress website itself. Basic SEO

Only then can you bring your website up. So let’s know. Which steps do we have to follow? Basic SEO

  • Website must have a meta tag
  • Enter website in google search console
  • Add google analytics to the website
  • Learn to Create Long Tail Keywords
  • Learn to Search Short Keywords

First of all, the topic which I have mentioned above. Let’s discuss them. If we go ahead after that, I will explain all these to you. So that you can get information about them.

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1.Website must have a meta tag

When you haven’t made a website. Then you have to put a meta tag. So first of all let me tell you this. Where do you have to create meta tags? And what is its format?

And where do we have to put it on our website? So once we will understand it in detail. And I will give you an example here. So that you know how we have to create meta tags. And where to put it. Basic SEO

Mata Tag Example

<meta name=”title” content=””>
<meta name=”description” content=””>
<meta name=”keywords” content=””>
<meta name=”robots” content=”index, follow”>
<meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=utf-8″>
<meta name=”language” content=”English”>

Above you will see the example code of the meta tag. You have to copy this and go to the code editor on your WordPress website and place it in the middle of the header. For Example:

So now you can see the example. There you will see the photo. You saw that it was there. We have put our photo in the middle of the header. So just like that, you put your code. And also update your keyboard related to the description website in it.

2.Enter website in google search console

You have put the meta tag on your WordPress website. Now you need to put your website in Google Search Console. Here you will come to verify your website.

And your website will be ready to be indexed in Google. By which Google’s system comes to know. that your website has come online. And that starts crawling your website.

And the ranking of your website progresses gradually. And from that time you can start updating your website. Now go to Google Search Console to update it. Whose link I give you below.

3. Add Google Analytics to the website

We have to add our website to google analytics. From here we get to know about our website. How many visitors are coming to it? From which country is it coming? If we know about it, then it becomes easier for us to work. And the ranking of our website also increases quickly. That’s why we have to add our website to Google Analytics. For this, I give you the way to go to Google Analytics and its link below.

4.Learn to Create Long Tail Keywords

Whenever we write a post on our website. So in that, we should use the long-tail keyboard from which our post comes in the bank.

And at the same time, the website also ranks well, so I give you the example and information about how to find out the long-tail keyboard.

So that you will know where we will get the long-tail keyboard.

If the long-tail keyboard is what you want to find. So for that, you do not need to go to any tool. Do you just want to write the post in this post? Go to Google search and type it.

So you will see long-tail keywords related to that. Like you can see in the photo above. When I just wrote how to find long-tail in Google and after that below is related to it.

If a long title comes with the long tail keyword. This is the first way to find out the long tail keyword.

Now you can see in the second example. That’s the photo you see above. Then you get to see this photo. When you type a small keyboard in the Google search engine.

And at the end of the first page, you see keywords like this. So you can find out from here also. Which is the long tail keyword to keep, in this way you can find out the keyboard for free, which is a technical method.

Free Keyword Search Sec Method

I’ll give you one more method. From where you can find out long and short keywords. This is the best free platform for your post and website.

If you take a subscription here. Then you will get more benefits. Because here its search counting and keyword CPCB shows.

So the photo you see below. Understand it and given below. Go to the link and search your keyword.

So friends, the photo you are seeing above. Its name is Keyword Tool so you can find out keywords for your website from here. Here you can find out keywords for each platform.

Like Google, YouTube, Extra if you want to access this tool. So you can also click on the link given above.

So as soon as I searched a part of the title of this post by going to this tool. So I got many keywords related to my title, I can write this post with the help of them.

And I can give you good information. So in this way, you will get many options in this keyword tool. which you can use. And you can find out keyboard for free.

Basic SEO Course For Free

All information within this post is related to basic search engine optimization. So read this post completely.

Basic search engine optimization and advance are both one way. But the work we do in Basic. Will use the same in advance a little technically.

Then it becomes advanced. So first of all, read the basics well and understand them. Use it. After experimenting, you will have knowledge about automatic advances. So let me tell you in the One by One topic below. How to do what we do.

What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization means. Anything in the search engine to bring the website, post, brand to the top rank. Within this, we have to do on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

Factors of Search Engine Optimization

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO

You must have a website to do on-page SEO. Because whenever you do anything work in your website. It is very important to bring it to the search engine.

If you are writing a post. So what are the techniques we have to use while writing the post? And how to make your post. Depends on it.

On-page search engine optimization. If you want to do page search engine optimization for your website. For that, you have to match all the things given below and make settings.

  • use meta description on the website
  • use keywords under header tag
  • remove WordPress under setting reading option tick mark
  • install SEO Yoast plugin For WordPress

If you have created your website in WordPress. So you can use the above option for on-page search engine optimization.

Off-page SEO

All the social media platforms you need for off-page search engine optimization. You can promote your website by creating your account. With this, you have to create high-quality backlinks for your website. With the help of which you can do off-page search engine optimization.

Google Search Console

Whenever you understand about Google Search Console. Before that, let me tell you this. That you have to add your website to it.

Because it helps to take your website to Google. All the posts you have put on your website.

It works to rank all those posts in Google. And tells you that your website has come up in Google. Not that your post is getting ranked.

Not how many numbers your post is getting ranked. Complete information about it is provided to you.

Whenever you write a post. So for that, the keywords are very important to us. Whether it is the shot keyword. Or long-tail that we have to find.

So we can find it by going here. Here we find how much search is done on Google YouTube and other search engines.

You will get keywords about it from here. With the help of this, you can find in your website posts from the keyboard. And can get it ranked.

Google analytics

If you have how many visitors to your website. Want to know about that? Which country are they coming from? You also want to know about him.

So you can help it. That you should know this. Who is coming from your website? And according to that, you can update the post in it. Can provide information.

SEO yoast

If you have created your website in WordPress. So with the help of this, you can optimize your website.

Because such facilities are given in it. That is how to put a meta tag in your post. How long to keep it How to put tags in it.

His complete information and method of application are given. So you can add it to your WordPress site.

Above I have told you some basic tools and plugins to do with this for on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

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