What is Globalization? Overcoming the challenges in 2023

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What is Globalization Each of you will experience globalization’s unstable background throughout your great careers.

What is Globalization? Overcoming the challenges

The seminar aims to evaluate the main potential and problems of the worldwide market economy.

In this MOOC, we’ll discuss governance, geopolitical unrest, and sustainable development in addition to difficulties with competitiveness, risk management, and financial flow.

In fact, the global crisis highlights a major problem with globalization, namely the need to give the market economy a social and long-term horizon.

Six key lessons can be learned from this MOOC on globalization

Evaluating the benefits and drawbacks of globalization for cross-cultural management

Recognizing how macroeconomic and geopolitical instability affect corporate strategy.

Examining long-term patterns with cross-country comparisons and historical views, going beyond quarterly reporting

Taking advantage of the knowledge of a team of qualified teachers who combine strong academic skills and practical experience: globalization is a concrete and dynamic process.

Working in a multicultural team while converting information and data into economic intelligence.
Combining a variety of difficult tasks, such as online group discussions, news mash-ups, team reports, interviews, rankings, and ratings

Exist any prerequisites or course requirements?

There is no need for prior academic expertise or professional experience. It takes determination, grit, teamwork, and a willingness to learn.

A general understanding of the post-World War II international economic system and its institutional structure (World Bank, IMF, UN system, OECD, etc.) is ideal before you begin the subject.

It is strongly advised that you do some preliminary reading and information gathering about globalization because you will be expected to participate in engaging and mutually beneficial debates.

Who should take this course:

  • Those students who want to pursue flexible and varied professional opportunities in international marketplaces
  • experts who must evaluate the spillover risks in the globalized economic system
  • Those who wish to overcome their short-sightedness and comprehend the root reasons of structural changes around the world

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