What is Digital Marketing? Complete Video Course with Tutorials in 2021

What is Digital Marketing

Today, in this course, I am going to give a complete video of free digital marketing training videos, which you can download for free, this course is called the complete Learn Digital Marketing Free in just one video course.

In this advanced course of digital marketing, you have social media marketing search engine optimization in YouTube Image Facebook Marketing and even more video course which is a high-quality video course, the capacity of this course is 14 GB. Also, Learn: Web Development

What is Digital Marketing?

More than 400000 people have downloaded this course by paying money but we are providing you for free.

This course is for more than 20 hours, in this, you will get to learn about digital marketing, how you will learn digital marketing through a computer, here you will be taught about search engine optimization.

Under digital marketing YouTube, marketing Facebook marketing Full information about Google Edward Google Analytics will be given. Let’s Learn Digital Marketing Free. Think About: WordPress Website Development

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What you will learn in this course

  • How to grow business online
  • How can you make money from marketing
  • What is a high paying job in digital marketing
  • Ways to do freelance jobs at home

What are the course requirements

  • Experience has no requirements
  • All types of business will be told

What is this course designed for

  • This course for anyone who does not know what digital marketing is
  • New website owners who are working hard to bring traffic to their website
  • Who does not know how to do a job in freelancing.

Also know about course content

Full Introduction to Digital Marketing

  • Course Theory and Course Resource
  • At the end of the course is the team will get small tips
  • Best Five Digital Marketing Tool

Complete information about market research

  • Introduction to market research
  • How to analyze market survey results
  • How to get excellent feedback
  • Assignment for market research
  • Find an audience
  • How to survey and respond in the market

How to make website

  • WordPress VS wix.com
  • How to create a website within 10 minutes
  • How to activate an SSL certificate
  • complete information of wordpress.com VS wordpress.org
  • To create an assignment website
  • How to set up business email in an easy way
  • How to change the email in Gmail

Complete information about email marketing

  • Why Email and Marketing is important with Business
  • How to create a Mailchimp account for free
  • How to create an email complex in Mailchimp
  • Complete information about email marketing analysis
  • How to convert a subscription to Mailchimp How to create a subscription popup
  • Assignment for email marketing

Complete copywriting information

  • What is copywriting
  • How to write complete magnetic headings
  • About the flip feature with 11 tips
  • How to add a call to action on a website
  • How to write customer talk
  • Copyrighting Assignment

Search Engine Optimization Content

  • Introduction to search engine optimization
  • Overview of search engine optimization
  • How to do keyword research
  • How to analyze more than 1000 words in your mind
  • What is keyword targeting?
  • How to write title track in search engine
  • How to write in Google image search result
  • Information about internal
  • How to manage search engine optimization
  • How to do google mobile-friendly test
  • The right way to do social sharing
  • Question answer part one part 2
  • How to verify your website in the Google search console
  • What is local SEO
  • Search Engine Optimization assignment
  • How to do search engine optimization over the phone
  • How to increase website speed

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YouTube Marketing Content

  • A full overview of youtube marketing
  • Complete information of Creator Studio
  • How to make a strategy for youtube marketing
  • How to find a youtube keyboard
  • Complete information on setting up a YouTube account
  • How to find video
  • Complete information about account optimization
  • How to make a youtube banner
  • Youtube channel logo
  • How to do search engine optimization on youtube
  • How to use a youtube card
  • What is the new YouTube external link requirement?
  • YouTube comment section
  • How to manage multiple YouTube accounts
  • How to monetize youtube
  • What is the new monetization requirement?
  • How to create a custom thumbnail
  • What about youtube free tool how to make

Facebook Marketing Content

  • Why do business on Facebook
  • How to insert a cover image
  • Set up the Facebook page
  • How to place an icon on Facebook
  • How to post on the Facebook page
  • Create Facebook group
  • What is facebook life?
  • How to Manage Multiple Facebook Pages
  • Facebook monetization policy
  • How to keep page description
  • How to post
  • Facebook monetizing
  • Assignment for Facebook marketing

Twitter Marketing Content

  • What you will study in Twitter marketing
  • How to set up a Twitter profile
  • What is a Twitter pole
  • What is Twitter custom activation
  • How to optimize Twitter’s profile
  • Information about twitter features
  • How to post to Twitter
  • How to increase Twitter followers
  • What is Twitter
  • How to increase Twitter account and followers
  • What is twitter motion in policy
  • Twitter and your website Twitter
  • Assignment to Twitter

Quora Marketing contents

  • Why Quora
  • Strategy
  • Setup
  • Optimization
  • Questions to Answer
  • Solved
  • Format Your Answers for Maximum Clicks
  • Quora Promotion
  • Find Blog Post Ideas with Quora
  • Quora Business Page Setup
  • Quora Analytics
  • Assignment – Quora Marketing

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