Therapeutic Art Life Coach Certification with 85% Free in 2024

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Therapeutic Art Students who complete this course will receive an official life coach certification from Transformation Academy.

The course is part of the Master Self-Care + Healing Coach Certification, alongside certifications for Self-Healing Coach, Focus/Boundaries Coach, and Mindfulness Coach.

It is accredited by the internationally recognized Continuing Professional Development Standards Agency (Provider No: 50134), with 10 CPD or CEU credits available upon request.

This course is taught by three instructors who are experts in psychology and therapy, with a thriving community and active involvement in course discussions within 24 hours. A supportive Facebook networking group is also available.

Course Requirements – Therapeutic Art Life Coach

  • Ability to Print Course Material: Necessary for accessing and utilizing course resources.

Who Should Take This Course

  • Life coaches wanting to help clients heal, reduce stress, and experience more joy.
  • Individuals looking to increase their creativity, intuition, or self-expression.
  • Counselors, therapists, speakers, teachers, and professionals seeking to add art therapy tools to their practices.
  • Anyone interested in personal growth through therapeutic art.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Therapeutic Art: Unlock the subconscious mind to release pain, process emotions, and find clarity.
  • Art Psychology: Understand why art is a powerful tool for improving well-being.
  • Practical Exercises: Learn a variety of art processes and exercises to improve self-expression, uncover outdated patterns, and heal past emotional pain.
  • Ancient and Modern Techniques: Use mandalas for meditation and self-exploration, and modern approaches like vision boards for goal setting and manifestation.
  • Additional Processes: Includes journaling, guided meditation, and stress reduction art techniques.
  • Psychology-Based Frameworks: Learn how to change thoughts and beliefs, use affirmations, and visualization for brain rewiring and life transformation.
  • Flexibility: Processes can be used with adults, one-on-one coaching, group programs, and workshops.
  • No Artistic Ability Required: Anyone can benefit from these art exercises.

Course Structure

The course provides over 32 hours of instruction and practical discussion, with bite-sized modules for easy understanding and application.

Certification and Accreditation

Upon completion, students receive an official Therapeutic Art Life Coach Certification from Transformation Services, Inc. The course also includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Joeel & Natalie Rivera: Over a decade in life coaching, backgrounds in social services, psychology, education, and entrepreneurship. Over 300,000+ students from 195 countries.
  • Victoria Hawkins: Licensed Clinical Social Worker, psychotherapist, artist, yoga and dance instructor, workshop facilitator with over 20 years of experience.


The content is provided for educational purposes and is not accredited by any state, national, or international accreditation association. Certificates issued are certified by Transformation Services, Inc. only.

What You’ll Learn

  • Psychology of Therapeutic Art: Access the subconscious mind and change limiting patterns.
  • Client Techniques: Help clients increase happiness, manage emotions, and feel more confident.
  • Stress Reduction: Use art techniques to help clients reduce stress and heal emotional pain.
  • Self-Awareness: Increase clients’ self-awareness, intuition, and self-expression.
  • Art Without Judgment: Guide clients in creating art without self-judgment.
  • Proven Art Processes: Step-by-step processes including mandalas, affirmation art, vision boards, guided meditation, and more.

Who This Course is For

  • Individuals wanting to help clients express themselves and increase happiness and creativity.
  • Aspiring or current life coaches.
  • Professionals looking to add therapeutic art tools to their practices.
  • Those seeking structured and proven methods to follow.
  • Individuals wanting to give clients concrete tasks to work on.
  • Anyone looking to expand their credibility as a Certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach.

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