Tableau A-Z: Hands-On Tableau Training for Data Science in 2024

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Tableau Master Tableau for data science through a systematic step-by-step approach.

Tableau A-Z: Hands-On Tableau Training for Data Science

Engage in real-life data analytics exercises and quizzes as part of the learning process. Acquire skills by actively participating and applying knowledge!

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Tableau A-Z

Install Tableau DesktopSet up Tableau Desktop on your system
Connect Tableau to various DatasetsEstablish connections with Excel and CSV files
Create BarchartsVisualize data using bar charts
Create Area ChartsGenerate area charts for data representation
Create MapsUtilize geographical mapping in Tableau
Create ScatterplotsRepresent relationships with scatterplots
Create PiechartsVisualize data distribution using pie charts
Create TreemapsUtilize treemaps for hierarchical data visualization
Create Interactive DashboardsBuild dashboards with interactive elements
Create StorylinesDevelop compelling data narratives with storylines
Types of Joins and how they workUnderstand different types of joins and their applications
Data Blending in TableauWork with blending data from multiple sources
Create Table CalculationsPerform calculations at the table level
Work with ParametersUtilize parameters for dynamic interactions
Create Dual Axis ChartsCombine two different axes in a single chart
Calculated FieldsCreate custom fields with calculated expressions
Calculated Fields in a BlendApply calculated fields in blended data sources
Export Results from TableauSave and export Tableau results to various formats
Timeseries Data (two methods)Analyze and visualize time-based data in different ways
Creating Data Extracts in TableauExtract and save data for improved performance
Aggregation, Granularity, and Level of DetailUnderstand key concepts in data aggregation and granularity
Adding Filters and Quick FiltersApply filters to refine and focus data
Create Data HierarchiesOrganize and display data hierarchically
Adding Actions to DashboardsEnhance interactivity with actions on dashboards
Geographical Roles to Data ElementsAssign roles for proper geographical data visualization
Advanced Data PreparationUtilize advanced techniques for data preparation

This comprehensive course on Tableau provides a thorough exploration of the powerful features that enable individuals and decision-makers to uncover valuable insights from data.

Starting with the basics, participants will seamlessly navigate the software, connect to diverse datasets, and export worksheets. The course emphasizes the importance of data visualization, teaching users to create compelling charts, maps, scatterplots, and interactive dashboards tailored to specific projects.

Participants will delve into advanced techniques, such as working with data extracts, timeseries, and employing aggregations for effective summarization. The versatility of Tableau is demonstrated through the incorporation of various charts and plots, facilitating a deep understanding of customer purchase behavior, sales trends, and production bottlenecks.

The course is structured independently, allowing users to choose their starting point and progress at their own pace. Regular updates ensure relevance to the latest Tableau versions, enabling users to continually enhance their skills and stay ahead of the competition.

Upon completion, participants emerge as highly proficient Tableau users, equipped with the tools to analyze, visualize, and interpret complex data, whether in the realm of scientific research or strategic forecasting for business success.

Target AudienceDescription
BeginnersIndividuals who want to learn Tableau from scratch
Intermediate UsersThose who possess some Tableau skills but aim to enhance their proficiency
Advanced UsersIndividuals proficient in Tableau but seeking to advance their skills and unlock its full potential

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