Passive Income Sources for Students in 2024

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Passive Income Sources for Students: Friends if you are a student. So this post may be most useful for you. Because through this post

Passive Income Sources for Students

Why this post is so important for students. That students study. If they do their part-time with a source of passive income.

So they will never have financial problems. For this, I give several remedies below. And by using the remedy, we can earn from 10 to 20000 a month.

So let’s know. How many such sources are there? By which passive income can be made.

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Passive Income Sources for Students in 2024

1. Blogging

We all know about blogging. But we did not use this, friends if you also want to do blogging. Then you can start. Because you do not have any certificate required for this.

You should have a little knowledge. And you should know how to start it. With this, if you want to start it. So you need a computer mobile for this.

So that you can start it, before starting it, we should know about many things. For this, I will provide you with the course below. From where you can learn and start.

Before starting blogging, we should know which topic.

  • Definition of blogging
  • Who is the blogger
  • Search engine optimization
  • WordPress
  • Hosting, Domain &Cpanel
  • Google search console
  • Google Analytics
  • Did the plugin
  • Have themes

Blogging is such a great platform. That everyone can use. With this help, you can earn money. There are many ways in this too. There are many methods. By using this we can earn a lot of income.

Sitting at home, which we can take as an online job. We do it So this will become our way of working personally. But before starting this, we should have a lot of information. So on my list, let me understand once.

is one such medium. With the help of this, you can make passive income. If you know how to blog. And doing So is very good. You have a very financial problem in the future that everyone has.

She will not be. For this, you have to be a regular update. The knowledge we have with the help of blogging. We reach him.

In this, we do not have to work all day and night. If we are given one and two hours of the day according to our calculations, then it is done. It is a very popular platform.

Millions of people around the world are working in it. That is why I have also placed it in number one. You just have to give your best for passive income.

For this, you have to understand something first. I’ll put his penis in here. And you can learn to blog.

To learn to blog, select from the options given below and learn


The best source for passive income is YouTube. If you can make a video. In any topic, you can make a passive income from here too.

Just here you have to do monetization. For that, you will have to work a little bit. Maybe it may take 1 year or it may take 2 years. But once it was successful.

So your future can be secure for a lifetime. So if you want to join this platform. so you can. By the way, if you will join blogging.

Then after that, you can use it too. Because blogging and YouTube are connected. These two continue to benefit each other.

So you have to generate passive income through both of them. For this, I give you the course below. Once you learn those courses, then you can become perfect in them.

Digital Marketing

  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Blog marketing
  • SEO Marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Internet Marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Website development
  • Website Designing

Friends blogging is the main topic of digital marketing. Because inside digital marketing, blogging is marketing.

Now you do blogging. So you can earn money through all these. But you have to become an expert in them.

So you cannot become an expert in all of them. But you can gain more knowledge in the particular topic. And then you can earn money from that.

You can do content marketing through blogging. And you can bring a lot of traffic. When the traffic in the blog slowly starts coming to your website. Then you can make a lot of money from that.

First of all, I get information about all the topics mentioned above and then start blogging.

3. Website development

Website development if you learn. So you can do blogging. If you do website development. So you can make this method a job.

With this, you can make a website by giving it to others. And you can earn money from that. This is the best way, but for this, as much as I told you about the topic of blogging.

You also have to learn about them. Only then you will be able to do website development. If you learned this thing. So you can earn maximum passive income from it.

For this, I give you the course below, learn it, and you will get complete information.

Freelancer Job

Can earn money from freelancers. For this, I have two topics mentioned above. And what I told you above topic. If you have information about it.

You can also work as a freelancer. Here a lot of people can speak to you to get the website built. Whose website you can earn money by making? With this, if you have more knowledge.

Like programming, you can also use it. And you can earn money from there also. Here’s what you need to do. Will have to do the work of others.

After that, you can make a demand. That is how much amount you want. And from here onwards you will continue to make a lot of passive income.

4. Affiliate marketing

You can also earn money from affiliate marketing. But for that, you must have a blog and a website. I have already mentioned this.

So first you make your blog website. You can benefit from this a little bit more. Because you must have a website to associate with affiliate marketing.

But if you still do not have a website. You can still be involved with affiliate marketing. You will find products here. Which you can share with your friends. If they bought it.

Then you will get its commission. So it is very easy. Your passive income will continue to come from here too. If you want to know about it in detail. Then I will provide you with its course below.

Some Important FAQ

1. How does Blogging Give Passive Income?

Blogging means the knowledge that we have. To reach people through blogs and websites. When we create good-quality traffic for our blog.

So our website gets updated in Google search console and Google. So through that, we can earn a lot of money. Which will be a long time. In this, we can increase the finances through sponsorship.

2. How does YouTube give you passive income?

We make videos and put them on YouTube. Which has been provided free. With this, when we create a community. We start working with Google then. According to the program policy of YouTube, we started working with it.

So he understands us through the video. That we are doing good work has made good followers. We are watching our video. So we get money based on that.

3. After how much time we can get passive income from blogging?

For this, nothing can be said about how long we can start passive income after blogging. Depends. How much you have done?

For this, it can take 6 months, 1 year, and 2 years also. Someone starts getting passive income in 2 to 3 months.

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