Operations Management Free Course 2024

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Operations Management Free Course : The World’s Best Professors Teaching in a Faculty Project Course

Operations Management Free Course

Operations Management Free Course

A general introduction to operations management is given in this course.

This course seeks to: (1) familiarize you with the key operational difficulties and concerns that managers face; and (2) equip you with the vocabulary, concepts, insights, and tools you need to deal with these problems in order to obtain competitive advantage via operations.

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People interested in a career in building and managing business processes, either directly (V.P. of Ops, COO) or indirectly, should find this course particularly interesting (e.g. management consulting)

People who handle the interfaces between operations and other company departments including finance, marketing, management accounting, and human resources should also be interested in the course.

Last but not least, general managers and business owners must have a functional understanding of operations, which often employs the most people and demands the largest investment in resources.

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We’ll look at how various business strategies necessitate various business procedures, and vice versa, how various operational skills enable and support various strategies to obtain competitive advantage.

The analysis of many important operational dimensions, including supply chain management, capacity management, flow time management, and quality management, will be done from the perspective of the process of operations. Lean operations, just-in-time operations, and time-based competition are a few other trends that will be covered.

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