MBA in a Box: Business Lessons from a CEO in 2024

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MBA in a Box Comprehensive MBA Training encompassing Business Strategy, Management, Marketing, Accounting, Decision Making, and Negotiation.

MBA in a Box: Business Lessons from a CEO

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What you’ll learn: MBA in a Box

  1. Earn an ‘MBA in a Box’ certificate.
  2. Gain business knowledge similar to MBA graduates.
  3. Start a company from scratch.
  4. Understand successful business operations.
  5. Prepare for a managerial role and potential promotion.
  6. Transition to a career requiring strong business understanding.
  7. Analyze industries effectively.
  8. Identify critical industry success factors.
  9. Perform SWOT analysis.
  10. Use Michael Porter’s Five Forces model.
  11. Apply Game theory in real-life business situations.
  12. Understand and acquire a competitive advantage.
  13. Choose from three core strategies: Cost leadership, Differentiation, and Niche.
  14. Implement best practices in people management.
  15. Learn recruitment, selection, onboarding, development, and motivation of employees.
  16. Conduct effective marketing research.
  17. Perform market segmentation.
  18. Select the right target client group.
  19. Implement the 4 Ps of Marketing coherently.
  20. Calculate Customer-Lifetime-Value.
  21. Understand financials and read P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow statements.
  22. Analyze financial statements.
  23. Calculate cash flows.
  24. Become a proficient negotiator.
  25. Enhance outcomes for all negotiating parties.
  26. Gain experience and awareness of different negotiating tactics.
  27. Expand outcomes for all negotiating parties.


  1. No prior experience is necessary. The course starts from basics and gradually builds your knowledge.
  2. A willingness to learn and practice.


Welcome to MBA in a Box: Business lessons from a CEO!

This comprehensive online course equips you with the business acumen needed to:

1. Start and Grow:

  • Start your own business
  • Grow an existing venture

2. Career Advancement:

  • Advance your career to the next level
  • Attain promotions by applying managerial, financial, marketing, decision-making, and negotiation skills in the real business world

3. Holistic Business Insights:

  • Gain a holistic view of why some companies (and people) succeed in business while others do not

Key features of this training program include interactive elements such as a gamebook that tests your learning in a simulated real-world business environment. The course spans from A to Z, making it suitable for complete beginners in business and finance. Each of the five main modules starts from the basics and incorporates real-life examples and case studies for easy understanding.

Five Modules:

1. Business Strategy

2. Management and HR Management

3. Marketing Communications and Marketing Management

4. Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis

5. Decision Making, Persuasion, and Negotiation

Why Choose This Course:

  • High-quality production with HD video and animations
  • Knowledgeable instructor (CEO of an 8-digit business)
  • Comprehensive training covering all major topics and skills needed for entrepreneurship or executive roles
  • Extensive case studies to reinforce learning
  • Interactive Gamebook experience
  • Excellent support with responses within 1 business day
  • Dynamic pacing throughout the course
  • Bonus prizes upon completion of 50% and 100% of the course

Why You Need These Skills:

  • Salary/Income: Acquire skills that lead to a holistic view, similar to what MBA graduates possess, resulting in potential higher earnings.
  • Promotions: Stand out as a leading candidate for senior roles within corporations with valuable technical skills.
  • Secure Future: High demand for skilled business executives ensures job market opportunities.

This course comes with Udemy’s 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. Take the next step in your career by clicking the ‘Buy now’ button. It could be one of the best decisions of your entire career!

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