7 Day Home Yoga Free Course in 2024

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7 Day Home Yoga Free Course: Become solid and adaptable while discovering a sense of harmony

Learn 7 Day Home Yoga Free Course

7 Day Home Yoga

  • 7 Days of High Quality Video Content in 7 Structured Lessons + Bonus Lessons
  • Different Exercises for Legs, Upper Body, and Core that Will Help You Build Strength in Your Whole Body
  • Different Exercises for Increasing Flexibility in Your Upper Body, Legs, and Yin Flexibility
  • Directed Meditations and Techniques that Will Help You to Release from Stress
  • Breathing Technique Exercises to Help You With More Challenging Exercises and Poses
  • Traditional and Ashtanga Style Sun Salutations
  • Dynamic Discussion Boards and Direct Feedback for Your Results

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What you’ll realize

  • Benefit from all that yoga brings to the table, in only a couple of moments daily
  • From the solace of your own home, you pick when to rehearse without going to costly classes
  • Are there any course necessities or essentials?
  • A yoga mat to rehearse and a receptive outlook!

Who this course is for:

The course is ideally suited for complete fledglings and as such, no past experience is required
This course is likewise appropriate for those that have attempted yoga yet haven’t had the option to commit time to explicit classes. In the event that you are as of now a rehearsing “Yogi” or “Yogini” and have your schedules down, then you would help more from a course for cutting-edge Yoga Asanas
This course is the ideal decision for anybody who needs to rehearse yoga, however voluntarily and in their own comfort
Its likewise ideally suited for those individuals needing to partake in the advantages of yoga, without paying for costly classes at a fitness center or exercise center

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